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I'm having issues with Challenge 3. I put the screenshots if someone need.
User-added imageUser-added image

This is the error mensage:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'SolarBot Status Averages' report is displaying cumulative data.

There seems to be an import data missing which is required to complete this superbadge.  Fifth bullet under Prework and Notes says, After installing the unmanaged package, navigate to the Data Import tab on the SolarBots app and select Import.  There isn't any link for importing any file?  I was in midst of doing superbadge for reports and dashboard for classic but it expired yesterday.  So I started with this lightning one now, but stuck.
Hi Forum,
This is a bit of an embarrsement. Having read through the superbadge requirements and spending most of Sunday configuring and re-configuring User profiles, I havent passed this check.
The Inside Sales User does not appear to have the correct object permissions for Accounts and Opportunities

What's strange is that I was stuck on "field sales user" and now I'm stuck at "Inside Sales User".

I believe the OWD's are fine as well as the Object Permissions as well as the Profile setup. I was wondering if there would be a way to verify the error.  In the meantime I will continue to persist.

Hello everyone, I've been working on this challenge in the Date Security portion of Trailhead for some time but need some help (See below)

The challenge requires a profile to be created with the following traits:
    Name: Account Reviewer
    Salesforce license type
    Only read access to Account object. (And no access to any other object in the Org)

Understand that I did read the indepth reading before hand and I created a read-only clone profile in the Accounts profile list but am stuck as how to proceed from there. Challenge error states: Challenge not yet complete ... here's what's wrong: The 'Account Reviewer' profile does not work as expected. Please Advise.