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Using lightning, I noticed that on Opportunity, if I add some products (OpportunityLineItems), the page will automatically refresh just after.
It is very convenient, because it permits to see the updated Amount field.

In my case, I'm not using OpportunityLineItems but I created a custom object for this need "Custom Line Item".
I have a related list on opportunity, where I can add/delete these items. When I do so, it triggers some Apex and update a field on my opportunity.

My issue is that I need to manually refresh the page to see that the field on opportunity was updated.

I would like to achieve:
  • On my opportunity, I add/edit a "Custom Line Item" directly from the related list
  • A popup opens, I add/edit the line
  • I save, and I'm back to the opportunity page
  • I need to refresh the page to see that the field is well updated by the Trigger. -> How to automatically refresh the page after I add/edit a "Custom line item" from the opportunity page?
Any suggestions?