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I have a scenario where the account currency and opportunity currency can be different. The opportunity currency should be the same as opportunity owner currency. I have to write a trigger for it. Can anyone help me with it.
Highly appreciated.
Pretty new to writing test classes, was looking for help for this trigger:

trigger SumPositions on Investor__c (before insert, before update, before delete) {
    for (Investor__c record : Trigger.new) {
        record.Sum_of_Positions__c = null;
    for(AggregateResult result: [SELECT SEI_Investor_Id__c, SUM(Position__c.Balance__c)
                                 FROM Position__c WHERE SEI_Investor_Id__c
                                 IN :Trigger.newMap.keyset() GROUP BY SEI_Investor_Id__c]) {
         Trigger.newMap.get(result.get('SEI_Investor_Id__c')).Sum_of_Positions__c = (Decimal)result.get('expr0');

I previously had a Developer Account where I added an app (+- 6 months ago)

Now, when I try to log in on that account, it does not recognize me.
I tried to change my password. Salesforce says it sent me an email but it never arrives
I need to get the account back because all the work has already been done

It was a connected app

I had to create a new account under a different name just to be able to post here

Please help!