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Dear all,

We have an integration of Eloqua with Salesforce and when pushing contacts from Eloqua to SalesForce as leads, following error messages are triggered"

Message 1: Duplicate value found: unknown duplicates value on record with id: ---------------------
Message 2: Too many retries of batch save in the presence of Apex triggers with failures: when triggers are present partial save requires that some subset of rows save without any errors in order to avoid inconsistent side effects from those triggers. Number of retries: 2

Any thoughts on how to resolve these errors ?

Individual contacts can be pushed from Eloqua and the external calls are successful (leads are created successfully). Above mentioned errors are triggered when I try to push more than 30 contact records.

A few forums suggested turning off the History tracking of Lead fields that I have already due, but the error is persistent.


Thanks very in advance for any help,

Navin Krishnan



I'm new to this so please forgive my ignorance.


I'm getting the exception when:


  1. insert an Opportunity
  2. insert a ContentVersion
  3. post the new ContentVersion to the Opportunity's chatter feed
  4. delete the Opportunity

Does anybody know why, and if so, how to overcome the exception?


I am using API version 26.0


Thanking you in advance



private static void TestOpportunityDeletion()

  // create an opportunity
  Opportunity opp = new Opportunity() ;
  opp.Name = 'Test Name' ;
  opp.StageName = 'Test Stage Name' ;
  opp.CloseDate = Date.Today() ;
  insert opp ;

  // attach a document to its chatter feed
  ContentVersion doc = new ContentVersion() ;
  doc.Title = 'Test Version' ;
  doc.PathOnClient = 'test version.docx' ;
  doc.VersionData = Blob.ValueOf( 'test content' ) ;
  doc.Origin = 'H' ;
  insert doc ;

  FeedItem post = new FeedItem() ;
  post.Type = 'ContentPost' ;

  post.ParentID = opp.Id ;
  post.RelatedRecordID = doc.id ;
  insert post ;


  // delete the opportunity
  delete opp ;

Hello. When I execute Url. getSalesforceBaseUrl().toExternalForm() in the system console, the returned URL uses https:// However, when I execute this in the finish() method of Batch Apex, it returns http:// 

Is this a bug? I need https:// returned in the Batch Apex. 


I keep seeing the acronym SFDC in the posts and literature.   I have searched the SF websites and the Internet for a definition - without luck.


What does the acronym SFDC stand for?


Thanks in advance for your help.