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How does everyone feel about being a developer in the Salesforce stack? I am about to graduate from University and head to a company where my team will be working exclusively with Salesforce and I am not sure exactly what to make of that fact.
Hi Guys,

I am graduate student and have little experience in Salesforce development. So, as my final project I would like to do some project using salesforce.
Can anyone suggest me a good project?
Since I am looking for developement project, I would prefer the ideas which involves more developement work rather than Admin related work.
I have only two weeks to submit my ideas. 

Any Idea is appreciated.

Thanks & regards,
Sumant Hegde


i got the similar problem to break a PDF page , i have a quote with line items table, when the line items are more the table automatically going to second page but its is overlapping with the header on the second page , i want the table to be continued after the header ,


 the following is my vf code:



<apex:page Controller="MyController32" RenderAs="pdf" >
<style type="text/css" media="print">

@media print
table {page-break-inside:auto }
 tr    { page-break-inside:avoid; page-break-after:auto }
 thead { display:table-header-group }
@page {



@bottom-right {
 content: "Page " counter(page) "of " counter(pages);
@top-center {

content: element(header);


@bottom-center {

  content: element(footer);




div.header {

padding: 10px;

position: running(header);


div.footer {

display: block;

padding: 1px;

position: running(footer);





<div class="header">
<table border='0'>
<td height = '100'>
<apex:image id="theImage" value="{!$Resource.harlanlogo}" width="136" height="65"/>

<table border ='1'>
<th>Item Price </th>
<th>Final Price </th>
<th>Packing Costs</th>
<th>Freight Costs </th>
<th>Total Costs</th>


      <apex:repeat value="{!Quoteproduct}" var="a">
<tr style="page-break-after:auto;">

<td>{!a.Product__r.Name } {!a.Age_Weight__c }</td>
<td>{!IF((a.Product__r.Family =='Package'||a.Product__r.Family=='Freight'),0,a.Sales_Price__c)} </td>
<td>{!IF((a.Product__r.Family =='Package'||a.Product__r.Family=='Freight'), 0 ,a.Discounted_Price__c)} </td>
<td>{!IF((a.Product__r.Family =='Package'),a.Sales_Price__c,0)}</td>
<td>{!IF((a.Product__r.Family =='Freight'),a.Sales_Price__c,0)} </td>
<td>€ {!a.Total_Price_QP__c}</td>






 I have a developer account and i would like to login to Sandbox (https://test.salesforce.com) but i am unable to login to test.salesforce.com

How can i login to the sandbox site?

Thank you.