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I just made barcode scanner for me.
I want to pass the recorded data to Salesforce app.
So i can show details on Salesforce app.


when i call this url, Salesforce app saying invalid id.
How can i pass scanned data and showing it on Salesforce app.
Please help me.

Looking forward to see any replys.
We need to figure out the format for the callback URLs to allow another iOS app to open a visual force page in SF1 with a parameter. For example... the PDF doc says to use the following format... 


However, other (scarce) resources I can find say to use a different format... 


Both seem to work... this blog entry (https://plus.google.com/108841584505265827017
/posts/GjHbMRmQzC3) says that you can open APEX pages using "apex/pageName" as the record id in the second format, but it does not seem to work. So there are conflicting sources of information and limited documentation. 

Basically, I can find no clear documentation on this.

from IOS app try to open/redirect to a Visualforce Page on SF1
Here is what we are trying to do, and what works so far.... 

1. Have a visualforce page with a x-callback protocol link in it to an external barcode scanner app. This works. 
2. On success from the barcode scanner, call a x-callback protocol link to return the user to SalesForce1. This works so long as we are linking back to a specific record id. HOWEVER, we want to link instead to a VisualForce page and pass it as a parameter the data from the barcode scanner.
  • February 03, 2015
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