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Hello SF lovers,
Has anyone created test-case-management-interface using Salesforce interface.
I wanted to create one. And I am looking for ideas/suggestion/help feedback.
The challenge is to search for the inserted record with an inline SOSL search, using Execute Anonymous.

This is what I did using Execute Anonymous Window
List<List<sObject>> searchList = [FIND 'Mission Control' IN ALL FIELDS 
                                  RETURNING Contact(FirstName, LastName,
                                  Phone, Email, Description)];
Contact[] searchContacts = (Contact[])searchList[0];
System.debug('Found the following contacts:');
for (Contact c : searchContacts) {
   System.debug('"'+c.LastName + ', ' + c.FirstName+'"');

But still there's an error when I check the challenge.

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find the contact's name in the debug log. Be sure to run a query for your record, and to write your contact's name to the debug log using the System.debug() method.
Here is the code that i have written:

public class AccountHandler {
    public Static Account insertNewAccount(String AccountName)
        Account acc=new Account(name=AccountName)
        Database.SaveResult[] saveResultList = Database.insert(acc,false);


Is it the right solution?, If yes please suggest me what is the execution code for this solution.
I am trying to complete the Trailhead Module "Data Security: Controlling Access to Fields"

Create a Profile and Permission Set to properly handle field access

The Marketing Coordinator and Account Manager both require access to view and update Account Records, but only the Account Manager should be able to see and edit certain fields. Specifically, only the Account Manager should be able to see and edit the Rating field. The Marketing Coordinator should not be able to see or edit the Rating field. Create one profile and one permission set with the appropriate field-level security to solve for this use case.The profile must be named 'Basic Account User' and result in an API name of 'Basic_Account_User'. It should use the 'Salesforce' user license type.
The permission set must be named ‘Account Rating’ and result in an API name of 'Account_Rating'.

This is driving me absolutely insane.  

I created a custom profile named Basic Account User, it is Read on the Account Object and the Rating field is unchecked for both Read and Edit.  
I created a permission set named Account Rating, it is Read & Edit on the Account Object and the Rating field is checked for both Read & Edit.  
I have both the profile and permission set assigned to the other user in my Dev Org.  I logged in as this user and the permission set is functioning as expected.  With the permission set he can see and edit the rating field, without the permission set he can't see it at all.

Yet I keep receiving the "The 'Basic Account User' profile did not have the appropriate object and field-level security for the Account object" error message.

What am I missing? I have tried every conceivable combination.
I am working on a Trailhead Challenge and receive this error when I execute.

User-added image

Create an Apex class that returns contacts based on incoming parameters.

For this challenge, you will need to create a class that has a method accepting two strings. The method searches for contacts that have a last name matching the first string and a mailing postal code (API name: MailingPostalCode) matching the second. It gets the ID and Name of those contacts and returns them.The Apex class must be called 'ContactSearch' and be in the public scope.
The Apex class must have a public static method called 'searchForContacts'.
The 'searchForContacts' method must accept two incoming strings as parameters, find any contact that has a last name matching the first, and mailing postal code matching the second string. The method should return a list of Contact records with at least the ID and Name fields.
The return type for 'searchForContacts' must be 'List<Contact>'.

Here's my code:

User-added image

Can someone assist me? Please.

Thank you,