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There is no clear and simple explanation of what a connected app can be used for - if I want to query Salesforce through the REST API (for any reasons, from any external point), why would I need a "Connected App"? What's the difference with creating a Salesforce "Integration" User with an "Integration" Profile that restricts exactly what you want/need for that specific integration?

Thanks for anyone's help.

Hi All,
I'm in the console and when I click on logout button "sforce.console.ConsoleEvent.CONSOLE_LOGOUT" this event occurs and I can perform my functionality over this event but if my session gets timeout and logout happens automatically by salesforce then this event doesn't occur. I want to perform the same functionality at the time of logout by session expire as well.
Hope I made my requirement clear. If you have any doubt, please respond.
Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.