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Hi All,


I am attempting to create a new text based Email Template, which includes a selection of Checkbox Fields - and all I want to do is have the email show, for each field, whether the value is "Yes" or "No".  After some searching I discovered that you could create some formulas directly into the merge fields template, so I have created the following:


Dear (Person We Will Send This To),

Please find below the full list of courses related to {!Account.Salutation} {!Account.FirstName} {!Account.LastName}:

Advanced Meniscal Course (1 Day): {!if(Surgeon_Education__c.Advanced_Meniscal_Course_1_Day__c,"Yes","No")}
Advanced Meniscal Course (2 Days): {!if(Surgeon_Education__c.Advanced_Meniscal_Course_2_Days__c,"Yes","No")}
Anatomic ACL & Cruciate Course: {!if(Surgeon_Education__c.Anatomic_ACL_Cruciate_Course__c,"Yes","No")}


However, where I have my formulae stating to display "Yes" or "No" - absolutely nothing is displayed for the checkbox value, it's just blank.  I have tried re-jigging the formulae, and also just adding the merge fields on their own without being part of a formula, but still no luck - I just get blanks, no idea why.  And I know for certain that some of the fields are ticked in the record, and some are not, so there should be something showing (and besides, everything should be either "Yes" or "No" - nothing should be blank).


Could anyone help to enlighten me - we're really hoping to get this up and running ASAP.