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Hello everyone,

I created a VF form for my org, which i created a custom object for, and some of my users are getting an error when trying to create a new form from an opportunity related list. If they create it directly from the custom object tab then there isnt any problems. The error is 'Id not specified in an update call'. I have 2 different profiles that use this form and only one of the profiles recieves this error. The other profile has no problem. I will post the code for the form if need be, however it consists of 5 different VF pages, an apex class and the test class to go along with it. I didnt want to post all of the code and confuse anyone if the problem was some salesforce setting or declaritive change that i can make, but i will post the code if necessary. The two profiles have different page layouts for most if not all objects as well as different custom fields, but the custom fields related to the form are identical as are any cross object lookups used by the form. I will post any information or code needed, but like i said earlier, i didnt want to post hundreds of lines of code and confuse anyone. Please advice as soon as possible.