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Hi all, 

We recently implemented a customer loyalty program that incentivizes customers to have a reference call, provide referrals, work with our team on case studies, provide a quote, etc. Each activity has is allocated a certain number of points. These points can then be traded in for conference passes, trainings, etc. once enough have been accrued. 

We are looking for the best way to record the points earned (and also how they are spent - for example, 400 points were cashed in for a conference pass, resulting in a new total of X). There must be a simpler way to do this instead of using Excel. 

Any ideas? 

I see how we could create a formula but wasn't sure if anyone else has done this or had any recommendations. 

Thank you!
I registered with trailhead.
I’m an SDR looking to expand my Salesforce skill set. Let’s pretend I have none. Particularly looking for the basics around reporting, and any other trails that may be beneficial to spend some time with.
My goal is to have a competent understanding of SF to build my sales as I enter a closing role and the relevant tools in SF that will help me gain an advantage.
Thanks in advance!