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Hello Gurus,

I am trying to write a validation rule on the standard Phone field which fulfils the following. The value should be accepted only if it starts with "001" otherwise a validation error should be thrown.
I have tried both the following and were successful in checking the prefix but failing in other cases.

LEFT(Phone, 3) <> "001"


I created a custom object with master detail on the opportunity.  There are record types on the custom object based on geography - Americas and EMEA.  When I built the process builder with the conditions to fire off email alerts, I included the record type name.  it is not working and the emails fire off regardless of the record type of th object.

It worked fine before I had to separate by geo - only when I added in the condition does it not work.  HELP!

Hi guys,

I want to send an email notification to users based on two field criterias. These are:
1. the payment method = Barter 
2. the payment amount field has been updated

I have created a custom field to capture the previous amount value when that field has been changed and I have built a workflow rule with a field update for this.

              ISCHANGED( Payment_Amount__c ),

We have apex classes through which we send emails based on user action in force.com sites. It was working great until Friday, But yesterday when one of our customer try to submit application, they were getting error, In debug it says “SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION, INVALID_TYPE: sObject type 'SalesforceIqDataSource' is not supported.: []”. I am pretty sure we did not change anything related to apex class, email template, vf page etc.. Does anyone know the reason or best way to fix this?