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I have to send a JSON from the Sales Force to SAP.
Any ideas, any examples? I may have to call a REST service in PI.
Hi All,

I'm new to oAuth2.0. Can anyone help how to integrate Xero with salesforce using oAuth2.0?

Hi everyone,

I'd like to be able to take the total expenses value coded towards any given Xero project and input it into a field on a custome object in salesforce. Both the Xero Project object and the Salesforce custom object will have a matching 9 digit numerical string to uniquley identify what Xero object should be retrived for its Salesforce counterpart. 

If I were to ask for my ideal world scenario, I would also get some kind of report detailing Xero project objects which do not have a corresponding 9-digit ID to match in Salesforce and vice versa.

Getting this integration allows us to streamline tracking our expenses in Xero against our per-project budgets residing in Salesforce. 

Any suggestions for apps which support the porject integrations (i think the API library for xero projects is pretty new?) would be much appreciated, or if custom coding is required, directions for the best approach thereof is a good start!

What are the options to Integrate Salesforce with As400 system?
  1. Real Time - Show Real time data in Salesforce but, do not actually store the data. Due to data storage concerns.
  2. Daily batch upload data in Salesforce
Are there any middleware applications that already do this?

Hi all, Can somebody tell me on how to integrate Salesforce with NetSuite.We have decided to go either with Dell Boomi or Jitterbit. I am new to this integration approach and have no clue on how to get this started. Are there any written approach on the installation, migrating data to and fro? 

Can you also suggest what was the better tool based on your experience either with Boomi or Jitterbit? 

Thanks a lot :) 
We are using server-based Macola ES ERP and we would like to explore integration with Salesforce.com.  We understand that the Macola application does not have an API.  Macola is working on a web-based version of the application but Salesforce integration is unknown at this time.

It would helpful to hear from any other salesforce and Macola users if they have solved this problem or how they designed their business practices to accommodate.

I am new to Salesforce integration.
We have AS400 software which is at remote location which handles Contract Management currently. We are planning to make Contract Management happen in Salesforce. Presently, our AS400 system has only internal webservices to perform business related functionalities. Can anyone tell how to achieve /establish Salesforce - AS400 integration without ETL tools/ Middleware.
Please explain with a step-by-step process of what has to be done to establish the Integration between Salesforce and AS400

We use Infor VISUAL MANUFACTURING (VMFG) and want to push our data from that to Salesforce. How do we do that?
I want to integrate salesforce with Xero how to authenticate and get access token in salesforce plese give me and idea or code to implemet it.
Thanks in advance.(Using rest api).
Dear Salesforce Team,
Can somebody share his/her experience of integration SAP and SFDC. Actually we want to view data from SAP to SFDC and send data from SFDC to SAP without saving data in SFDC.

Can you please share your thought on this.

Best Regards,
VInod Kumar



I have AS400 software which is at remote location. And every week there would be data records (in EXCEL) exported from AS400. Now, I would like to have these data records to be imported into Salesforce automatically on weekly basis. 


So, could someone let me know if this process is achievable or is there any other alternative to this.


Best Regards

Hi Guys,


I need help with integrating Salesforce to Xero, an accounting software. I'm not sure where to start but if someone has tried integration with Quickbooks or other software, I will be open to suggestions. Thank you!





  • October 16, 2013
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Hi All,

     How to integrate salesforce with xero using REST API.Please send me any links and guide me.

How  to Connect From Salesforce to SAP PI for integration  please let me know if  anybody know about this   as  soon as  possible.If anybody know any module in SAP   


Required  Documents and Details:

1.Any Documents


2.Integration Process with SAP modules Pdfs


Thanks and Regards

Venkat Mekala S



Requirement: To get Account details from SAP and store it in Salesforce during the first week of every month.


To implement this, I can use HTTP Callouts to the SAP webservices.  The callouts call the SAP services, pass the account Id and gets all the other information and stores in Salesforce.  This logic I can do it in my Apex classes and schedule it to run on 1st of every month.


What I want to know is how to setup the connection between SAP and Salesforce? Can anyone brief the steps ?

- Does SAP allow creation of web services for Salesforce to call? 

- Do we need any third party tools ? 

- Can I use outbound messaging services in Salesforce? 

- How is the hosting of SAP web service taken care?


Please help.  Thanks!

Does anybody have any resources on integrating with SAP ByDesign?  We will want to send Accounts, Product Information and Orders to Salesforce.  We want to send Orders to SAP ByDesign.  We need real-time integration as each transaction occurs so any type of batch processing will not work.


I see that this is the link to the SAP ByDesign SDK:  http://help.sap.com/saphelp_byd_studio/fp40/KTP/Products/A1S_PDI/PDI_Library/GettingStarted_SubStructure/GettingStarted.html 


It seems like you can create web services in Microsoft Visual Studio and then deploy them to SAP ByDesign so they can be used.  Are there 'out of the box' web services available with SAP ByDesign to integrate with standard objects in SAP byDesign without having to create new custom web services?


Is SAP PI supposed to be utilized in any manner with SAP ByDesign?   From what I have read I think the answer is no.


I am very comfortable with all of the integration details on the Salesforce side.   I am just trying to figure out how to connect to the SAP ByDesign data.



Can anybody help me on integrating salesforce to netsuite? Do we have a working apex class to do this?


a link that i can look into will help



        can any please help me how to integrate the sugar crm with salesforce and how to use.








Can you suggest me different and possible integration options between AS 400 and Salesforce.com