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How can we display thousands of records on the VF page without using the StandardSetController or Pagination?
I downloaded Salesorce on my android phone. My production credentials work. However, when I try to log in my selecting "Change Server" and picking Sandbox from the menu, I get Incorrect Password error when I enter my Production credentials.I am completely new to Salesforce. Can someone please help?

I am following the instructions to set a timeout and passcode of 5 characters. I am hitting the error when checking thechallenge: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Could not find the 'Salesforce for Android' Connected App with the specified settings."

I am not sure why? The connected app I am changing is "Salesforce1 for Android".

picture of the settings


Result I need:----fetch contacts whenever a user login with salesforce account


I am able to fetch them using the default Template App provided by Sales Force. Native Android App using SDK version-21, OAUTH Scopes tried---"api" and "full".


But when I put my call back url, client id etc....I am able to login and when click on fetch contacts its toasting a message ---- "NOT_FOUND" : message:"the requested resource doesnt exist".


what am i missing/doing wrong?



Please help me on this issue. Thanks in advance.