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We are planning to move from our SF Classic to Lightning environment and in the process of converting the VisualForce Page to Lightning compatible. I have a page which is like
      <apex:page standardController="Opportunity"   extensions="Camp_Ext" id="page" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" > <script> function setFocusOnLoad() {} window.onkeydown=function(){window.focus();} </script> <apex:form id="form"> ...

I am seeing the error in the lightning Convertor Tool like
User-added imageAs the showHeader is set to false I am not very much worried about the 3rd warning. I also added the lightningStylesheets="true" but how can I get rid of the Window and Custom JS warning/error
  • December 18, 2019
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Hi everybody|
I have a requirement to display canvasapp in Home page Lightning. Now I tried to create component and used it in appbuilder Home page but not visible canvasapp.