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I have an exisiting Android application that I would like to extend to include the ability to create new Leads in SFDC.
So far all the documentation and tutorials I have found regarding the SFDC Mobile SDK assume that you are creating a new project.

This is deffinitely NOT what I want to do and would love some pointer to docs or direct support on how to best accomplish this.

I would like to take advantage of the Mobile SDK's OAuth Authentication handling and session managment features, but my app's workflow is really a simple push new lead to SFDC approach. I am thinking that this should be fairly straight forward once I overcome this initial block.
I also do NOT want to force a login to SFDC at application start. The ablity to push new Leads to SFDC is one of serveral optional features, and therefore it is approapriate to ask for credentials only after the end-user engages this option.

Thanks in advance

How can i get only text from words
EX:  Sultan Road
output : Road

I must be missing something..


The date is always 1 day behind when formating like so:


datetime xDate = o.campaign_start_date__c;
String xxDate = xDate.format('yyyy-dd-MM');
system.debug('sdate :' +xxDate);


I set the above field to 8/16/2011


and in debug it shows up as: 2011-15-08


Everytime I change it the debug value is shown as 1 day behind.. Im sure I could to +1, but could someone help me understand why this is happening?


Jacob Davis

  • August 18, 2011
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