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Hi Folks,

i use lightning-edit-form in my lighting web component. Would like to validate some backend logic based on the customer inputs entered in the edit form using apex class method.  How to validate the logic and show lightning error message before clicking save button.

i tried to show the sample error  message for testing on the event of submit or onclick of the lightning-record-edit-form.

how to check the logic and through the error before save the record.

I have a record edit form with multiple custom lookup fields. Standard validation rules on lookup fields with an invalid input would give an error message "An invalid option has been choosen". Looks like lightning:inputfield for lookup doesnot fire these validations. Any workaround would be greatly appreciated.
User-added imageOn submit, it would not error out and would not save this invalid value.

I have a public Visualforce page with a Form.
This page is part of a Managed Package.

I submit the package to security review and get this reply:

«Brute Force Vulnerability
Guest site don't have logging in or email validation. Use a CAPTCHA in the process to prevent a brute force attack on the system.»

I don't want to use the Captcha, isn't a good solution to the app, need a solution on the server side.

Anyone have the same problem and found a solution to this?
Any ideia to resolve this problem?

Salesforce have the Web-to-Lead form and don't control the brute force submmiting!

Thanks and regards.


  • July 27, 2012
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