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What is the optimal functionality in the Developer Console to count the number of calls made to themethod? A developer has a Debug method within a class, which is invoked hundreds of times.
A. The “Execution Log” Panel.
B. The “Execution Stack” Panel.
C. The “Executed Units” tab under the Execution Overview Panel.
D. The “Execution Tree” tab under the Stack Tree Panel

I'm having issues with adding a Menu Item to the Navigation Menu within Community Builder.

User-added image
User-added image

This is what I want: Add a menu item called "My Profile" and have it go directly to the User Profile page.
What's happening: The URL for My Profile requires one or more parameters. Please replace each parameter with the appropriate value.

Name: My Profile

Type: Community Page
Page: User Profile
URL: /profile/:recordId

Hi There,

I have configured a navigation menu in the lightning community builder  with few menu items and I want to hide one of these items dynamically for few users when they launch the community based on their access.

My community has a custom header component and each of the navigation menu item is a community page which in turn contain a custom lightning component.

My plan is to execute a js in the header lightning component controller in the init() function. I'm trying to fetch the id of the navigation menu item that i want to hide and add a css (display:none) dynamically.

But then, I'm not able get the reference of the menu-item component. I tried using document.getElementByClassName but I couldn't get the DOM of navigation menu in the header component in the header component.

Please let me know if anybody has any other thoughts around this and let me know if you need more details on my question.

Thanks for your time,

I am new to Salesforce and often get confused between: Worflow , Flow and Process builder? The line seems blurry when trying to differentiate between them.

Would anyone be able to describe the difference? 

Thank you.
  • February 09, 2016
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Anyone know if rolled back updates count toward the DML limit?


There limit on DML rows is 10,000.

Support I update 8,000, do a rollback, then update 5,000 more.  Will the blow the limit?