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I am working on a trigger and keep getting the following error but i cant seem to find the issue with the code. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
public class supportClassForRequestUpdateOpps {
       Map<ID, Opportunity> parentOpps = new Map<ID, Opportunity>(); 
    List<Id> listIds = new List<Id>();{

    for (Request_for_Special_Payment__c relRec: trigger.new) 

    parentOpps = new Map<Id, Opportunity>([SELECT id, Special_Payment_Terms__c 
                                            FROM Opportunity 
                                             WHERE ID IN :listIds]);

    for (Request_for_Special_Payment__c r :Trigger.new){
    Opportunity myParentOpp = parentOpps.get(r.Opportunity);

    if(r.Special_Payment_Terms__c == '')
     myParentOpp.Special_Payment_Terms__c = r.Requested_Payment_Terms__c;

  update parentOpps.values();

  • January 25, 2019
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I registered with trailhead.
I’m an SDR looking to expand my Salesforce skill set. Let’s pretend I have none. Particularly looking for the basics around reporting, and any other trails that may be beneficial to spend some time with.
My goal is to have a competent understanding of SF to build my sales as I enter a closing role and the relevant tools in SF that will help me gain an advantage.
Thanks in advance!