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I am facing an issue while sending or responding to an email from Salesforce. When I get an email thourgh email-to-case and respond back to that from Salesforce, it automatically picks my email as well. I understand that I have the option to select "reply" to aviod this. However, I wish to restrict the Reply All option. Please help!
For instance, we have "Custom Object A" and "Custom Object B" (Master-detail relationship). And Custom Object A has Record Type 'A' & 'B', Custom Object B has Record Types 'A1' & 'B1'. So, whenever I create a custom object 'A' record with record type 'A' and try to create a child object (Cus. Object B) through related list of Cus. Object A, it should automatically select record type 'A1' of Cus. object 'B' and same with record type 'B1' of cus. object B.

If (Custom Object A's record RT is A ---> Then Custom Object B's record RT should 'A1')
If (Custom Object A's record RT is B ---> Then Custom Object B's record RT should 'B1')

I've tried PB, WF, VR... but doesn't meet my requirement cuz i need the logic to be applied while creating the records of Cus. Object B, not after creating the record (needed to be in ligtning). There's coding solution for this requirement (below is the link) but it doesn't work if we click "Cancel" or "Save & New" button. I really appreciate if anyone could help.