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I've been working on a challenge and one of the steps is: Create a customer community user from Edna Frank's contact record.

I have been able to locate Edna's contact record but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create the customer community user! Please help!


I have a managed package with a page in it that calls some javascript.  Put simply, the javascript gets a div element from the page and uses its offsetWidth and offsetHeight properties.  In a production/developer org these properties give me the correct values but in a sandbox org they give me a value of 0.


I've tested my package in two sandboxes - both have the error - and many different developer/production orgs - all of which appear to be fine.


I tried to recreate a simple case but it seemed to work in a sandbox - this simple page however wasn't in a managed package.  Is this a bug with sandbox orgs and the managed package interfering with my javascript or am I doing something wrong?