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How to get field createdby for a custom field.....
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I'd like to get our business users to more completely fillin in the Description text and Inline Help for many custom fields.  Visiting each via the web interface to definitions would be tedius.  What I'd like is a way to import/export/report metadata for custom field definitions are flat fields.  (Editing XML is a bit too techie.)  Unfortunately, unlike most RDMSs, SF doesn't represent Metadata as data so you can't use SOQL on metadata or update it with Apex.  I know there is a Metadata API but I don't have time to write an application using it to build an editor.

Does anyone know of any existing utility that will allow exporting, reporting, and importing of some attributes of custom fields? 

I'd want to export/report the type, name, api name, description, and inline help.  I'd like import description and maybe inline help.

Any ideas?

Is there any way to get description of all fields of an object in apex code?
Able to query inline text help, label, api name, length etc, but not the description.
Any workaround/trick ?


hello averybody.

i need someone say me how i can get the description to sobject or field from apex.
there is Schema.DescribeSObjectResult and Schema.DescribeFieldResult but they dont give a method as getDescription().
my best regard! i hope that someone help me with that !

is there a way to get the description from the describe functions is Apex. I have looked at the Schema.DescribeSObjectResult and Schema.DescribeFieldResult objects and did not see them. Is there another method or am I overlooking something?


Thanks in advance