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I want to set field level security for particular field of object from Apex.
e.g  There is custom field named  "SLASerialNumber__c"  on Account object and I have System Administrator Profile.
So I want to give Read and Edit Access of  field to Profile.

How it's possible?

I am working on something where I want to allow an admin to assign items to a Public Group.  Then, at runtime, I need to determine what Public Groups a user is in (directly or via Roles / Roles + Subordinates) and display the appropriate items.  Because Public Groups can be complicated having other Public Groups as Members and also Roles & Subordinates, figuring out the Groups a user is in can be difficult.


I started a conversation on Twitter about it and then did some research and have a starting point.  I'd like to encourage others to help me vet this and then it could become a Cookbook item down the line.  Here's what I got...


I think this can be done in 2 steps without much looping.  From what I can tell, the Group table can contain all kinds of Groups ("Regular" Public Groups, Roles, Soles & Subordinates, Queues, etc.).  The Group Member table seems to only contain pointers to Users or to Other Groups.  Groups that are copies of Roles and Roles & Subordinates have a Related Id filled in.  


I believe the following 2 queries could determine the Public Groups that a User is actually in...


1) Query the Group table to get the Group records where the Related Id = the users's role.  We could filter for Type of Role or RoleAndSubordinates, but it seems that anything with a RelatedId filled in is one of those types.  This query is essentially getting the Group records that mirror our Role record.



List<String> roleRelatedGroupIds = new List<String>();
for (Group g : [SELECT id, RelatedId, Type FROM Group where RelatedId= :UserInfo.getUserRoleId()]{


2) Next we query the Group Member table for records where our user is specifically assigned and  also include records where our role is assigned.


List<String> allGroupIDs = new List<String>();
for (GroupMember gm : [SELECT Id, group.id, group.name, group.type FROM GroupMember where (UserOrGroupId = :UserInfo.getUserId() AND group.type='Regular') OR (UserOrGroupId IN :roleRelatedGroupIds AND group.type='Regular')]{



I'd need to hack at this given lots of users and lots of Group Types like Queues, Territories, Roles, Public Groups, etc.  From what I've been able to test, this works.

  • March 09, 2011
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Is there any way to create an API script which could download the schedule created DataExport zip file?

I'm thinking about getting the ID of the last (actual) zip file and just paste it into corresponding url..


Any ideas to do this?