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So we have successfully enables SSO in our test environment using a My Domain (test.my.salesforce.com).
We were hopeful to redirect a custom URL (test.com) to our My Domain (test.my.salesforce.com) but after we created the CNAME it redirects to the main domain instead (cs29.salesforce.com).

I read about how it isn't possible to redirect to a My Domain - but I was curious about any (simple) work-arounds there might be.

We have created a custom URL and My Domain - could be redirect or custome URL to a Force.com page, then redirect a Force.com page to our My Domain?
Or create a visualforce page?
(We have Enterprise, Service Cloud, Marketing, Flow, and Content)

Our SSO provided is not able to create a custome url for our our Salesforce environment to redirect to - so I am brainstorming other options.
I have the following validation rule and I want it to only prevent creation of new opportunities if one already exists and is open (what Count of Opportunities is counting). However, I had an account executive unable to Close Won an existing Opportunity which is the only opp on the account because of it.  

$User.Title == "Account Executive",
Hai All,

Could anyone help me with the application to capture user attendence.
My concern was when user clicks on Login Button/Button in custom application built, His location, Date and time should be displayed.

When user clicks on Logout button in custom application built, His location, Date and time should be displayed and captured.

Can anyone help, I went through many articles but I didnt get any result.
s it possible to create a formula in the criteria using these fields? 
If so, what would that look like? 
Opportunity.Status__c = Phase I [picklist] Opportunity.Setting__c = Dropped [picklist] Opportunity.StageName = Closed [picklist] Opportunity.Office__c = Waiting [text] Opportunity.Level__c = Personal [picklist]

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  • November 17, 2019
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Hi all,
Right now I am creating a pop on detail page button.Everything is fine except it's height can anyone help me on how to create a dynamic iframe using javascript?

Here is my code.
(function() {
    var width = 700;
    var height = 515;
    var title = "Dialog title here";

    var box = new SimpleDialog("salesforce" + Math.random(), true);
    box.displayX = true;
    box.isMovable = false;
    // set your html content here
      '<iframe src="/apex/toastmessage?Id={!Account.Id}" style="border:none;" width="100%" height="'+ (height - 30)+'px" />'
    //set the height of the modal
     box.dialog.children[1].style.height = height + 'px';

    //if displayX is set to true, then override standard close event by this code
    box.dialog.getElementsByClassName('dialogClose')[0].onclick = function() {
      // you can add code to reload the page or redirect to another page 
    //optional : add this to close the modal onclick of the overlay background
    box.background.addEventListener('click', function() {
    // if you want to be able to close the modal from the Visualforce page
    window.addEventListener('message', function(event){
      if (event.data === 'close'){

Thanks in advance

Since iframes are discontinued, is there a better way to embed salesforce dashboards in Visualforce Page?