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We are using the embedded login widget to allow community users to login to our website via external Identity.

Unfortunately the embedded login widget relies on third party cookies, which are disabled in private mode in most browsers. 

Is there a way to use the widget with third party cookies disabled?

We have also noticed deprecation warnings about 3rd party cookies in Chrome and Firefox. We are very concerned that browser updates will break the login.
Is this a known issue?


created a lightning component to display the list of Lead of the current logged in user.

I write the following code to get the Lead, when i add the component to the page, and preview it, I dont see any Lead.

<aura:component implements="forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes" access="global" > <div class="slds"> <table class="slds-table slds-table--bordered slds-table--striped"> <thead> <tr> <th scope="col"><span class="slds-truncate">Company</span></th> <th scope="col"><span class="slds-truncate">Annual Revenue</span></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <aura:iteration items="{!v.leads}" var="lead"> <tr> <td>{!lead.Company}</td> <td>{!lead.AnnualRevenue}</td> </tr> </aura:iteration> </tbody> </table>

created a lightning component to display the list of Lead of the current logged in user.

I write the following code to get the Lead, when i add the component to the page, and preview it, I dont see any Lead.

<aura:component implements="forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes" access="global" > <div class="slds"> <table class="slds-table slds-table--bordered slds-table--striped"> <thead> <tr> <th scope="col"><span class="slds-truncate">Company</span></th> <th scope="col"><span class="slds-truncate">Annual Revenue</span></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <aura:iteration items="{!v.leads}" var="lead"> <tr> <td>{!lead.Company}</td> <td>{!lead.AnnualRevenue}</td> </tr> </aura:iteration> </tbody> </table> </div>

I am trying to replace  ; with ", "

I wrote below code ,jsonBody = jsonBody.replace(';','", "');

But in the string it alwyas appears the same

What can be the reason for the problem
The date field does not show on VF page when the page is accessed from setup -- > sites -- > click on site url
where as
the closed date shows up correctly on VF page when we do preview from developer console. How to fix this and why the difference ?

VF page not same

Hi Friends,
I'm trying to compile a list of difference between different salesforce terms/items to keep in a single place for reference purpose, does anybody have any more to add (Any difference is fine)
For eg:
 1. Difference between Global and Public in apex language
This means the method or variable can be used by any Apex in this application or namespace.
This means the method or variable can be used by any Apex code that has access to the class, not just the Apex code in the same application. This access modifier should be used for any method that needs to be referenced outside of the application, either in the SOAP API or Batch Apex or by other Apex code. If you declare a method or variable as global, you must also declare the class that contains it as global.
2. Diffrence between isBlank and isNull
ISBLANK() has the same functionality as ISNULL(), but also supports text fields. Salesforce will continue to support ISNULL, so you do not need to change any existing formulas. ISNULL(): Text fields are never null, so using ISNULL() with a text field always returns false

James George
For example if my company domain id having a heavy rules for various restriction , how would  email flow from salesforce will behave

I would want to get last month date from today. But I am wondring how can I get the Year if the current date is 01/21/2020. Below is the formula I am using
{!TEXT( MONTH( TODAY()-1))}%2f{!TEXT( DAY( TODAY()-30))}%2f{!TEXT( YEAR( TODAY()))}

I hope the Salesforce Legends can solve my case.

I am new to deployment can someone send me more insights on it
Facing the below error while opening the package manager

Error ID:1223425345-6086(-1644363699)

Any faced this kind of error? or suggestions.


Just starting out in salesforce and wanting to do a proof of concept.
This involves connecting to an external wsdl api that is using style=rpc.

I can see the WSDL2Apex doesnt support rpc.

So I am trying to figure out how to create a custom apex class that i can connect to the api and pass in the credentials and paramaters.

I have managed to connect to this api and run tests using soap ui software, but not sure how to make this happen in a apex class.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.
Hello, when I open my developer console, lots of old tabs are open, which I don't want to see/ am not working on right now. How can I control what tabs show by default upon opening the Developer Console? Thank you!
I have an existing account and I am able to login to my developer account and same way to developer community using same credentials. But somehow for Trailhead its stuck at given URL after providing credentials.


Does anyone has idea about this?
Hi All,
I want to create a package in salesforce which will pass all the values of a public tableau dashboard as a parameter. Intergrating tableau dashboard sould be dyanamic.

Thanks a lot in advance.
We want to use Named credentials with per-user identity and JWT Token Exchange for API authentication from Salesforce to an external API. The user's email ($User.Email) or some other user info will be passed in the "Per User Subject". This will help the external service to identify the user accessing the functionality and apply some controls in their side.

We will be referring these named credentials from Apex code, so what will happen when we use this named credential from future or queueable apex that is triggered from a User context? Will it be able to still pick the correct $User details?
Hi all,

I am trying to create a custom action on the Opportunity object which populates the "To" field (API: ToAddress) on the email form like it does on the Lead and Contact/Person Account records. I want the field to auto-populate with the Person Account if the opportunity is linked to a Person Account (i.e. IsPerson = TRUE) and auto-populate with a custom field Company_Email__c if the opportunity is linked to a Business Account (i.e. IsPerson = FALSE). 

In order to have email tracking working, one of the requirements is that the To field links to a Contact, Person Account or Lead in Salesforce. So I can't just pre-populate the field with the email address on the Person Account - as this would not be linked as per Salesforce's email tracking requirements. I need this field to pre-populate so that it links to the actual record in SF. I have tried pre-populating with ID for this field, but have had no luck. Here is the formula I was attempting to use for this "To" lookup field:

if( Opportunity.Account.IsPersonAccount = TRUE,  Opportunity.Account.PersonContactID, Opportunity.Account.Company_Email__c)

And this is the result: 
User-added image
Whereas, I want it to do this:
User-added image

Appreciate any and all help on this.


For the Live Agent if the Customer is idle it displays the warning message as "Chat session ended because the visitor timed out."  i want to translate this warning message in different languages. Can anyone please help me?
Hello, I'm very new to Salesforce and Apex (about 2 weeks), so I'm still learning the basics and terminology.

I've been given a sandbox (Developers type, I'm told) and asked to create a batch class to process a large number of records. The problem I'm having is that there are already triggers defined on the object I'm working with, so when I run my batch job, those triggers run into the non-batch limits and cause it to fail. So I'd like to edit or delete those triggers. However, they are part of a managed package that was installed as part of the sandbox, so I can't touch them. I can uninstall the whole managed package, but that would make the sandbox worthless for development, since I need those objects, just not the trigger.

Is there a way around this I'm not seeing, that would allow me to disable or edit a trigger in a managed package in a sandbox? Should I have a different kind of sandbox for this sort of work? Thank you.

I have a Vlocity Trialforce Org account, in which I explored Vlocity CPQ.
At this time I would like to obtain data through the Digital Commerce APIs, for this I have already tried using the APIs, but the response I get is always the following:

        "errorCode": "INVOKE-200",
        "error": "OK"

In the following link you will find the way I am authenticating to use the APIs: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.198.0.api_rest.meta/api_rest/intro_understanding_web_server_oauth_flow.htm

I have been looking around on this subject, but I still haven't been able to find a solution.
If you can help me, I would be grateful.

Best Regards,
Edgar Oliveira

CubexSoft MDaemon Converter is a great and recommended solution to convert multiple MDaemon users into 30+ saving options. The application working is simple and secure. Any technical and non-technical user can use MDaemon Converter and convert unlimited MDaemon mailboxes to multiple file formats, cloud servers and email clients. In other words, use the software to convert MDaemon to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, G Suite, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail and much more. One of the amazing function of the tool is that a user will get the option of Convert Multiple Users that allows to move multiple MDaemon users mailboxes into desired account at once with emails, contacts, calendar notes, tasjs and journals, The tool also offers many features such as separate item filters to convert desired MDaemon item, date filter, naming options etc. Follow the steps mentioned below and see how the tool convert MDaemon database:
Step 1. Run MDaemon Converter on Windows PC.
Step 2. Click on Select Files or Select Folder and load MDaemon desired files or folder for conversion. 
Note: Select the checkbox of Convert Multiple Users in case you want to convert multiple MDaemon users account mailboxes at once.
Step 3. Software start listing MDaemon folders with checkboxes. Select the desired checkbox and move the data of that item into another file type. 
Step 4. Go to Select Saving Option and choose saving file type or email account
Step 5. Set sub-options and filters according to requirement. 
Step 6. Lastly, click Export and start the process. 
Once the process gets finished, a message will appear on the screen "Process Completed Successfully". 
Download the trial edition of the tool that allows to convert first 25 files from each MDaemon folder free of cost. 

Hi All,
There are two subscription products in the Quote lines,and I had contracted them,While amending the product I had cancelled one of the subscription product so the amount of that product got negative,but while I have made order again for the amendment opportunity the total amount is negative,

Could anyone please help me on this issue to get positive balance



How to Schedule Run all apex tests on a daily basis?
Currently, we are performing it manually is there any way we can automate it using code?
Hi Everyone,

Requirement is to override the complete standard detail page (in Lightning) including related lists with the custom lightning component.

What are the considerations for replacing the standard detail page with the custom lightning component?

Thanks & Regards,
Harsha BR
In our Org, we are creating a new account via API directly without creating a lead. And to assign the account we did a custom coding for auto-assignment to Users.

In Auto-assignment APEX code we used two custom objects. - User_Assignment__c (Vlookup relationship with User object). - Account_Allocation_Master__c (Master-detail relationship with User_Assignment__c object).

The below APEX code will Generate ownerid for every new account after insert and I am getting a code coverage issue while deploying in production.
Hi I have latest service cloud ,pd2 and heruko architecture dumps.please
mail me if you want mail id: shankar.sfconsultant@gmail.com
I would like to design account lwc component where I will be using record id passed from another component .
The component will be in view moved and on clicking edit button it will show the fields in editable mode and on cancel it will render to previous value.Only wire service need to be used.
We have community page, Where we have made the changes to the community and workfine as expected in english language.
When a user select the different language we are not able to view the change(like html button, page navigation etc).

How to use the translation service here
How to Backup Thunderbird Email Account to Office 365?
Hey guys! Are you searching for a feasible solution to know how to backup Thunderbird email account to Office 365? The similar query I was facing few days ago and I tried many manual ways. None of the method provides me satisfactory solution. Then I came across a professional solution i.e. CubexSoft Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter. The amazing third party tool does great job and provides me 100% accurate solution. The utility is worth every penny I spend on it. See below mentioned steps to see how easy it was to backup Thunderbird email account to Office 365 via Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter.
Step 1: Download Thundebrird to Office 365 Converter in your system.
Step 2: Choose either Add file/folder option to load Thunderbird files.
Step 3: Select Office 365 as output option and then fill login details of Office 365 admin account.
Step 4: Apply required filters for selective conversion and hit Convert button.
Step 5: The backup process will end with a message “Conversion Completed Successfully”. Click Ok to end it

For more, visit: https://www.cubexsoft.com/blog/connect-thunderbird-office-365-webmail/

I configured salesforce auth provide with below mention steps:

1. Provider Type = Open ID Connect
2. Name = Keycloak
3. Authorize Endpoint URL = https://myhost.com/auth/realms/MyRealm/protocol/openid-connect/auth
4. Token Endpoint URL = https://myhost.com/auth/realms/MyRealm//protocol/openid-connect/token
5. User Info Endpoint URL = https://myhost.com/auth/realms/MyRealm//protocol/openid-connect/userinfo
6. Registration Handler = AutocreatedRegHandler1593587038560 (Auto Generated)
7. Execute Registration As = Yashpal Yadav (Manager user)

8. click on save button for create auth provider.

9. After saving, I got 5 points I added "Callback URL" into Keycloak as "Redirect URL"
10. I called "Test-Only Initialization URL" it's working fine.
11. When I called "Single Sign-On Initialization URL" then I got 

"NO_ACCESS: Unable to find a user." error. 

I don't know what I am missing? Please help me how can I resolve the above error.

I want certain cases to be routed to specific agents. When they come online, they should be routed those cases.
What these mentors actually do? If You stuck in some places in your job, are they going to help you?

reference ID: XKRQFLHI. Error: Restforce::UnauthorizedError. Message: INVALID_AUTH_HEADER: INVALID_HEADER_TYPE

First challenge. Contact has been created and everything work as expected. Why this error?

**** PLEASE do NOT post links to trailhead/help. This is NOT what I am asking. Thankyou. *****

Trailhead "Lightning Web Components and Salesforce Data" first challenge.
Contact has been created and everything work as expected. Why this error?
Hi Gurus,

Our BI team can't pull in our description field from Cases because it's too long.   and we need to created a truncated version of this field for 255 characters

my question is what's the best way to do this?  on existing data and new data

Hi everyone. I am new to Salesforce and I apologize for a question that many people will find trivial. I'm trying to integrate my website into salesforce. My website uses its authorization based on a username and password. You need to safely tell my server about the salesforce user so that I can register in my DB and perform authorization.

I was some way to configure the connected app in the identity provider with SAML & OAUTH. But I don't understand what to do with them from my app, which is located in the Lightning Component Tab. I learned how to use apex to get information about the current user, but I can't figure out how to call the connected app, which would tell my server about the user.

I hope for your help.
Hi All,

I am trying the below use case with PlatForm events and flow as part of summer 2020 release changes.

I have 2 objects
Order Detail
i want to call a plat form event on Oder object which should invoke a flow(NOT PROCESS BUILDER) and insert a record in 'Order Detail' object.

Could you help me with this.i got stuck with inserting record in 'Order Detail'.

Thanks to all for your help in advance.


Hi everyone! I'm developing a android applicacion with mobile SDK, but i have a quick question, there is a way to keep the bar container after the logging and allow permissions UI?

As you can see on the image of above i want to keep the blue bar container.
I hope you guys can help me, thanks!User-added image

Hi there,

I am trying to add a "Related Record List" Component in my Community on my custom object (called Payment Profiles) details page. I want to display a related list from the related look-up field. In this case, the related field is "Counterpart__c" The component requires "Parent Record ID" and the Related List Name.
"Related Record List" Component
I've tried:

Granted I haven't published and tested each of these options, I am just relying on the preview in the community builder which says "This component has no data". Can you let me know what the syntax was for determining the ID of a parent record?

Hi All,

LWC intellisense(autocomplete) is not working in HTML file for lwc in vs code. I have all the salesforce extensions installed. Also, I have tried reinstalling both vs cdoe, CLI and extensions too. Still the same issue.
Have been using this for so long but all of sudden, I was stuck with this yesterday. Can somebody assist here.