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i am using hybrid remote app, when i login i am getting toast message, which saya 'error:authenticatin error, please try again'.

i am building the app for android and running it in emulator.
forcehybrid version 7.3.0

Thank you
I am completely new to Apex and could really use some help with what seems to be a simple task.  I have a formula on the contact, Persona_True__c, that returns a 1 if the custom field "persona" is populated and a 0 if it is blank.

I would like to have a roll-up summary that sums this field at the account level in a field called Related_Personas__c.  

Because we can't roll-up from contact to account I'm reading that this type of action needs to be a trigger, but I don't even know where to start.  Does anyone have any thoughts or expertise they can share to help me out? 
I have a lightning app which has the remote site settings dynamic.
So, is it a good practice to use metadataService.class (http://technome2.blogspot.com/2017/05/creating-remote-site-settings.html) in post-installation script to add remote site settings for the org?
Hi there :)

i'm currently working on an native Android app for my company and ran into some problems with Salesforce lately.

I hope i can find some help here.

What i want to achieve:
The company has a lot of Accounts in Salesforce with 3 important fields for the app: Name, Business (Workshop or Parts Dealer) and location(latitude, longitude)
I would like to show those Accounts(Workshops/Parts Dealers) as markers on a google map in my Android app based on a radius around the user's current location. So it would be more than sufficient to get the data as JSON or XML(i read about sObjects, which would be nice too)

The app will be freely available on Google Play Store and every user should be able to see all the Workshops/Parts dealers around the world.

The problem i'm facing is that i can't find a way to fetch the data inside my app without authenticating every user with a Salesforce-Login. 
Which API is the best to use in this case?

It would be so awsome if anybody could help me with this problem.

What i tried so far: 
- SalesforceMobileSDK: If i extend SalesForceApplication i always end up with the Salesforce-Login Screen.
It seems that every client has to be authenticated for API-calls to work. I tried using the method "peekUnauthenticatedRestClient", but this method only works on full path URL's(e.g. "https://api.spotify.com/v1/search?q=James%20Brown&type=artist"), which isn't really practically for my Use-case.

- I feel like i read nearly all docs about salesforce api, but can't quite get my head around how to solve this problem, although it seems like to be a pretty common use-case.  

- would a salesforce-apex method which would select all records inside a set radius around the user's location be accessable without authentication?

Thanks for your help in advance!

I have to create the login page with User name and pass word in salesforce lightning (Like Naukri home page).

I have created  the fields, but i am not able to do in controller for login button.

<div class="slds Naukri">
    <ui:inputtext aura:id="User" label=" User Name " class="" value="" maxlength="30" placeholder="Enter Email Id" required="false" size="20"/> <br/>
        <ui:inputSecret aura:id="pwd" label=" Password " class="" value="" maxlength="10" placeholder="Enter upto 10 character" required="false" size="20"/> <br/>
            <div class="slds-float--right slds-button_brand">
                <div class="slds-grid buttons">   
            <lightning:button variant="brand" label="Login" onclick="{!c.handleLoginButtomClick}" />
Can you please help me in this.




I do have a doubt regarding Salesforce.com.


Can we develope Games in the Salesforce.com platform?

  • August 07, 2013
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Still learning the ropes here and probably have some very ill formed code - so, any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


Here is the scenario of what I am trying to accomplish:


We have two custom objects (related via lookup field on Essay object):  Applications & Essays.  I have created a custom field on the Applications object called XEssays_On_File.  When an Essay record is added/updated, I would like the XEssays_On_File field to get updated with the number of related Essay Records. (Can't use rollup fields as this is not a master-detail relationship)


I have drafted the following code - which works for single situations - but fails mercilessly in bulk update:


trigger CountRelatedEssays on TargetX_SRMb__Essay__c (after insert, after update) {

        TargetX_SRMb__Essay__c [] ess = Trigger.new;
        String appid = null;
        appid = ess[0].TargetX_SRMb__Application__c;
        Integer i = [select count() from TargetX_SRMb__Essay__c where TargetX_SRMb__Application__c =     :appid];
        TargetX_SRMb__Application__c [] app =[select id, XEssays_On_File__c from TargetX_SRMb__Application__c where id = :appid];

        app[0].XEssays_On_File__c = i;   
        update app[0];



I would also like this to fire and update on Delete as well.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!