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Dear all,

We're looking at the various options of using Salesforce mobile (Salesforce1 application, SF1 Browser, Salesforce Classic in the browser) and are finding limitations with each:

Salesforce 1
  • Overriding the "View" action on an SObject appears to have no effect at all in SF1 and the standard page is displayed
  • The lack of ability to override the Edit action and then return to the normal edit page if the override logic requires it
What have people done to fix their existing overrides when they move to SF1?
Salesforce Classic in Mobile
  • If you direct to the full Salesforce classic site in mobile (i.e. switching off the "Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app" setting), the UIThemeDisplayed variable still seems to think that the user is in SF1
Lightning Experience
  • With Lightning Experience switched on and "Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app" switched off, the user cannot log-in on mobile
  • With Lightning Experience switched on and "Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app" switched on, the user is directed to SF1, despite Lightning Experience being responsive to different screen sizes, etc.
Does anybody have any advice, answers or workarounds to these questions? It makes mobile development very difficult when the navigation behaviours/capabilities in the desktop and mobile version differ so wildly.

With thanks,
I could use some assistance. We have a SalesForce customer portal and in a number of my orgs, the reset password email is not being sent to the users, either via the Forgot Password link or the Admin Reset Password button in User tab. The Forgot Username email works as expected though. The Forgot Password flow works fine in some of my other orgs and as far as I can tell, all settings are identical.

I have verified in Setup -> Email Administration -> Deliverability that Access Level is set to 'All email'.
In Setup -> Email Administration -> Test Deliverability, I have verified that I receive all 48 test emails.
In Setup -> Communication Templates -> Email Templates -> Forgot Password, I have tried the 'Send Test and Verify Merge Fields' and received the test email.
The Email Log File shows that all forgot password emails are being delivered and received (although they never actually make it to the inbox).

I am not sure if there is an issue with Site.forgotPassword() or if somehow the Forgot Password email template is not mapped properly to the Forgot Password workflow. I do know that the orgs that are having issues have the same managed package as the orgs that are working.  
Not sure where to go from here?

Any help is appreciated.