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I am working with a developer on a button that pushes several demographic fields from the account object in Salesforce to an external system through API. The form where users will be filling out field values and pressing update is built within a lightning component. It was tested in a sandbox org. and was working, but since it has been pushed into production, the button is no longer worker for any user other than the developer who created the component and pushed it into SF. 

When any user but the developer tries to update the fields and push it into the external system, the push (from the backend where the developer is checking) shows no values (i.e. it is reading the fields as null even though users are putting in updated values) and therefore, nothing is being updated in the external system. I tried to see if there were any differences in permissions between the developer's user account and the other accounts we have been testing with, but have not found any. If anything, the other user accounts we are testing with have more permissions/access within the produciton SF org. than the developer's user account. Additionally, the developer has confirmed that nothing on the component's code has changed since the testing done in the sandbox.

I am wondering if any of you have any suggestions or insight on where I may look to try and troubleshoot this error? Is there any obvious reason why the push is only working for the developer and no other user? Why would the fields being pushed be showing null even when users are filling them in with updated values?

Thanks in advance for any and all help/insight.