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I want to record all my call logs on my android smartphone in my salesforce org. on a daily basis. Do i need to create a native android app for that ? What are the requrements to implement such functionality ? 

The main question is: How do we add custom article fields to the article detail page of the mobile version of Public Knowledge Base 3?

We are setting up a Public Knowledge Base at a client, which is the official Public Knowledge Base 3 (PKB3) from the AppExchange. We have enabled the mobile setup for PKB as well, which is working fine, except that it doesn't show custom article fields.

We have created a few Article types (FAQ, Guideline, etc.), which all have the Rich Text field called 'Cotent' (content__c). We want to display this field on the article detail page of the mobile layout, so we go to PKB 2 Settings | PKB Knowledge Article Layouts | Add Knowledge Article. We then choose one of the knowledge articles (i.e. Guideline__kav) and see the possible fields to add to the layout. All of the fields look like system information (i.e. Id, IsDeleted, CreatedById, etc.), which are pretty useless to an external customer reading the article. See screenshot below.

We looked at the code which loads the available fields which is quoted below. We have tried running the code as an administrator to rule out field level security of the article, which revealed the same fields as explained above.

A Public Knowledge Base, with a build-in mobile site which can only display system information on mobile article detail page seems a bit weird, so we are hoping we missed something, and that it is in fact possible to display custom article fields on a the mobile layout?
public static Object getKnowledgeTypesAndFields(String d){
          pkb_SecurityHandler.canAccess( new Schema.SObjectType[] {KnowledgeArticleVersion.sObjectType} );

            map<String,Object> ret = new map<String,Object>();
            String thisType = '';
            Map<String, Schema.SObjectType> gd = Schema.getGlobalDescribe();
            Set<String> keySet = gd.keySet();
            Schema.DescribeSObjectResult descRes;
            Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> fieldMap;
            for (String key : keySet) {
                Schema.SObjectType objectType = gd.get(key);
                if (key.endsWith('ka') || key.endsWith('kb')) {
                    descRes = objectType.getDescribe();
                    thisType = descRes.getName().replace('ka','kav');
                    fieldMap = descRes.fields.getMap();
          return ret;
PKB Mobile Knowledge Articles Layouts

Thank you
Hi folks,
       can anyone tell me soql for getting user id who has access the record??
I have created test objects
5 users in my org.
if user 1 creates record on test object then user2,user3,user5 access that reocrd and user4 cannot access the reocrd
I wanna soql query for get all user id who has permission to access the record that is created by user1

Thanks in advance
I found good presentation on Aura framework (http://jessealtman.com/2013/12/introduction-to-aura/ (http://jessealtman.com/2013/12/introduction-to-aura/" target="_blank)), installed it the Aura Note sample app but still struggle how to connect the app to Salesfoce as it is done in demo. Could you provide a sample how I can use the note application with Salesforce?
- Salesforce apex class does not understand the annotation @AuraEnabled  (sample from tutorial). How to enable it for coding on SF side or to apdate SF records from note application?
public with sharing class AuraConnect {
                        public static void updateAnnualRevenue(String accountId, Decimal annualRevenue) {
                                   Account acct = [SELECT Id, Name, BillingCity FROM Account];
                                   acct.AnnualRevenue = annualRevenue;
                                   update acct;

- Should I use web services for this (get session, token and login in SF from Note app) in order to connect Aura app with SF dev organization (if yes, could you provide a sample as well)?