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E.X:  r=requests.get(instance+url+"services/data/v42.0/querry?q=Select * from contact", headers=headers)

is giving malformed query error. however I am able to select fields and get the data.

PS:  we can get all the fields from describe endpoint (meta data) /services/data/V42.0/sobjects/Contact/describe.

I am looking for if there is any endpoint for fetching all the data of objects. I do not want to specify 350 fields in the select query

I want to retrieve all contacts with paging support. Such that my organizaion has 7000 contacts, I need to read 100 contcats per api call with paging support. How to accomplish this using SSQL through REST API?

I'm using this api:
https://ap5.salesforce.com/services/data/v42.0/query?q=SELECT Id,FirstName,LastName FROM Contact

Same paging support need for all the modules: leads, accounts, notes, events and tasks etc.