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Hi Team,

while deploying omni channel flow am facing below issues.

Addd screen pop up(Action) - The Add Screen Pop actionType can't be used in flows of triggerType null.

I am using add screen pop up in this flow.

kindly help to resolve this issue.

I have a custom component that implements lighting:isUrlAddressable and I want to create a link to the component for emails. The url follows the format:
<org domain>/lightning/cmp/c__CustomComponentName?c__RecordId=<recordId>. When I click on the link on my phone (iOS), it launches the mobile browser instead of prompting the user to open the Salesforce app. My other links, which are for object records (<org domain>/lightning/r/<recordId>/view), open in the mobile app as expected.

Is navigation to custom components from outside the salesforce app not implemented yet? Is there a workaround?
Hi  All,
When ever  Account is cloned(is cloned custom field , i need to  create new  account  and its  all related opportunities uisng  trigger?
Trigger having all the events so in handler there are two methods which i not able to cover how to cover this methods:-

public void afterDelete(SObject so) {
    public void afterUndelete(SObject so) {