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I have a requirement where i need to delete few Account records from my Production and do backup for them in seperate sandbox.Backup of Accounts should also include all its related lists data including ATTACHMENTS.Am unable to export& backup attachments on those specific records that are to be deleted.

I did "Data Export" and also i exported through Data Loader using "Attachments" Object but i couldn't get any files except their Id's.

Can Someone help with your valuable suggestions?
Hi, I am having problems in undertaking one project, that's problem is mass edit record in custom object.
not selected edit, How can I mass edit all record for Related Custom object?
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Hello all,

i have a custom object called  Interests__c

we have discontinued  using this object and it has 240,000 records in it.

we need to get rid of these.

on top of that  we have master detail and look ups  which is not allowing to truncate

User-added image

can you guys help me with this ?

Kind Regards,
Is there any method to export the attacments of custom object?
I need to export tasks owned by an individual that are 2 years old or more and then delete them.  The client would like this to be a repeatable task scheduled monthly.  I have done a lot of research and found several articles about manual operations in data loader, and also with using the cli and windows task scheduler.  I have also looked at apex and I think this might be the way to go.  I am a relative newbie with apex, but I am a long time developer in many other platforms including java, html, sql, c#, and others.  I just need a push in the right direction to get started.  Any tips on the best method to accomplish this would be appreciated.

I am looking to bulk delete all records that I have added to my custom object. Could someone please suggest a way that I can do this?

Thanks, Emma
I want to integration with sql server to salesforce,tell me which types of way i am integrate with salesforce to sql server.
Hello Everybody!

           I am new to integration part, Now i have an requirement  I have an Sql Server 2012 on Premise, So I would like to pull the data from sql server database to salesforce automaticlly on regular interval basis( 2 to 3 times a day)....... Is there any better approach for this 

We need to move data from sql server to salesforce........... 
     Please specify is there any open source tools or paid tools......

I would appriciate for any kind of replay

How can i schedule dataloader and what are the main drawbacks of dataloader.............?

Hi All,


Just a quick question im sure someone can help with, or at least point me in the right direction.


Does anyone know of a way to mass update calendar events in salesforce? i can generate a report and even a list of the events that need changing but im having real problems finding an app to help with this.


Essentially what id like to do is grab all the events in todays calendar with a specific subject line, then change the due date and time on all of them.


I can see there are apps and tips around that help you acomplish this with tasks, i was just hoping someone would know how to do this with events?


any help would be appreciated :)



How to send data from Ms sql-server to salesforce?


I have seen a lots of posts but i don’t understand which is the best solution.


1)     Use the Apex Data Loader command line interface to get information from a SQL server db and after import into salesforce.

 It is a robust and easy solution?

I would not buy app but if it is required for a good work....

2)     Are there solution? webservices , call out,http requests


Thank you in advance.



  • May 07, 2013
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Hi friends,


I need some information about the integration of Salesforce and SQL server using Sql Server Integration Services. If you have done it before in you rprojects. Could you please share the following information with me:-


1. Challenges faced

2. Complexity of the Integration

3. Sample Code

4. Level of Coding Required

5. New functionality you came acsross


If you could also share the details about your the project and the type of integration that will also be helpful.

I have about 200,000 activities in Leads that I need to delete as we have reached storage capacity.
I am afraid of deleting the entire lead, not just the activity in the lead!
Can you please help, I have installed and run Excel Connector but not sure how to find and delete all the activities without deleting the actual leads.
Is there a way to do a mass update of opportunity stages? I have over 150 opportunities (for different accounts) that need to be closed. These are left-overs from when we started using saleforce and no one could remember to close the opportunities.

I looked at the appexchange and there is an app for mass updating opportunity close dates, but not stage.


Hi there,

We would like to run a local copy of the database to extend our report capabilities. Does Salesforce support any means of data replication?

We have MS SQL Server running locally. We would like to replicate the data to this server.

Thank you in advance.