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Hi developer community :) I have perhaps a silly question but I keep checking what is wrong with this set up.

I have a simple formular (currency) field that needs to show a value of 3 numbers being multiplied!

My formula:
FTE__c*Estimated_Project_Months__c *Stack_Budget__c

FTE = Is a number field, with 2 decimal points
Estimated project months = A formula that generates a number
Stack budget = a Currency Number

I keep getting a wrong number.

For example: FTE =5, Project Months = 9, and Stack Budget 20.00 Euro

Based on my formula it is 5 x 9 x 20 = 900.

However, in the field with the formula, I get: 904.11 and I have no idea from where.

Could you help?


Thank you

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