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Hi Guys! Hey, I am stuck on exercise. Basically, I am following the instructions. However, I am stuck because I am not allowed to do what instructions are saying or I misunderstanding this very simple instruction. Anyone, please help me. 

In the object,  I am editing the Page Layouts. 
"11. Scroll down to the Related Lists section.
12. In the palette, click Related Lists, and drag the Files element down to the Related Lists section."

My problem is I can see the Related List but is unclickable. I don't understand what the author means by clicking ?? There is no option for that. I am clicking but nothing coming out,
Also dragging the Files  ( whomUser-added image where ??? ) the only files I have is also unsociable and underage. I will include the screenshots. 
Hello, I am a new one here.  I am following the trailhead challenge but I am stuck on one of them for the past 2 weeks. 

Create a Custom Object and Custom Fields 

- Create a Custom Object
- Create a Custom Object Tab
- Create Custom Fields
- Create Energy Audit Records

The challenge basically needs to follow the steps of the program.
I finished all those steeps but I have an error saying
" The 'Type_of_Installation__c' field isn't the correct field type. Make sure it's a Picklist field and try again."

I don't really understand this error message and can't find information online regarding this topic 

I create a new playground and follow the steps in the challenge. 
When I finished again the same error. 

Does anyone have hints for me ??? it's been 2 weeks and I can't find a challange listproper solution. 

Hello All. Once a custom object has already been created. How do you Launch New Custom tab Wizard ?
I do not see Object Creation Options.

Thank you in advance foryour answers