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I have an account-level opportunity URL button using conditional logic to pre-populate fields that is not working. Below is the syntax. I want to pre-populate the Stage field based on the opportunity record type (i.e. Donation or Grant). In the syntax below, the IF statement always tests negative no matter which record type is used for the opportunity. I've tried both the 15 and 18 character record type id values with no success. I'm getting the record type id value from the URL when I select the Grant record type.
URL button syntax:
/lightning/o/Opportunity/new?count=1&nooverride=1&useRecordTypeCheck=1&defaultFieldValues=AccountId={!Account.Id},Name=Will Auto-Populate,StageName={!IF(Opportunity.RecordTypeId='01241000000PxiNAAS','Awarded','Posted')},Probability=100,npsp__Acknowledgment_Date__c={!TEXT(TODAY())}