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For several months I've been using the instructions in this blog post to use Workbench to backup the metadata in my org. Last month, the process stopped working. I assumed it was a one-off oddity and didn't think much of it, but I'm seeing the same errors again this month. Generating the XML "package" containing the metadata I want to export works fine and the process appears to succeed. However when I go to click the download link in Workbench I am told the .zip archive no longer exists. I've uploaded screenshots to show that the ZIP file is generated and the error message displayed when I click the download button. 

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, and don't believe I've changed anything compared to what I was doing previously, when the backup worked. 

What I see before I click "download"

Error Message

I know there are alternative methods for doing this, such as those discussed here https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000BIYzIAO but I am interested in understanding why the method I've been using ceased to work. 

Hello team,

I’m facing some issues trying to call Marketing Cloud REST API,  from SF Apex code, using Named Credentials, Auth Providers and Custom Metadata Types.
I have done the connection between the two systems, but making a request to obtain the access token every time I need to call the API or storing it in a custom setting, for example, to reuse it in future API calls.

I want to do it in a better way using Named Credentials, Auth Providers and Custom Metadata Types but I’m struggling with it. When my class extending Auth.AuthProviderPluginClass runs, it calls the method initiate but the method handleCallback is never called.

My questions are:
- Is it possible to do this connection between SF and Marketing Cloud REST API using these features? (Named Credentials, Auth Providers and Custom Metadata Types).
- If so, do you have any documentation I can read with an example of how to do it? I have read the SF help documentation and I couldn’t find anything.

Thanks in advance!!