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1. Universal Containers (UC) has an integration with its Accounting system that creates tens of thousands of orders inside
Salesforce in a nightly batch. UC wants to add automation that can attempt to match Leads and contact to these orders.
Using the Email Address field on the insert. UC is concerned about the performance of the automation with large data volume.
Which tool should UC use to automate this process?
A.      Apex ( Ans )
B.      Process Builder with an Autolaunched Flow ( Ans )
C.      Workflow Rules
D.     Process Builder

2. Which type of controller should a developer use to include a list of related records for a Custom Object record on a Visualforce page without needing additional test coverage?
A.      List Controller
B.      Standard Controller ( Ans )
C.      Controller Extension ( Ans )
D.      Custom Controller

3.  A lead record that has a single related CampaignMember object is converted into a new account, contact, and Opportunity.
Which object will the CampaignMember reference using a lookup field after conversion?
A.      The Account
B.      The Opportunity  ( Ans )
C.      The Contact ( Ans )
D.     The Product2
4.  Which three declarative fields are correctly mapped to variable types in Apex?
Choose 3 answers
A.      TextArea maps to List of type String ( Ans )
B.      Number maps to Integer ( Ans )
C.      Checkbox maps to Boolean ( Ans )
D.     Date/Time maps to Datetime ( Ans )
E.      Number maps to Decimal ( Ans )
5.  A developer is asked to write negative tests as part of the unit testing for a method that calculates a person’s age based on birth date.
What should the negative test include?
A.      Asset that a null value is accepted by the method.
B.      Assert that past dates are accepted by the method.
C.      Throwing a custom exception in the unit test. ( Ans )
D.     Assert that future dates are rejected by the method. ( Ans )

6.  What are two considerations for deciding to use a roll-up summary field?
Choose 2 answers
A.      Roll-up summary fields do not cause validation rules on the parent object unless that object is edited separately. ( Ans )
B.      Roll-up summary can be performed on formula fields, but if their formula contains an #Error result, it may affect the summary value. ( Ans )
C.      Roll-up cannot be performed on formula fields that use cross-object references or on-the-fly calculations such as NOW(). ( Ans )
D.     Roll-up cannot be performed on formula fields.

7.  A developer needs to display all of the available fields for an object.
In which two ways can the developer retrieve the available fields if the variable myObject represents the name of the object?
Choose 2 answers
A.      Use getGlobalDescribe().get(myObject).getDescribe().fields.getMap() to return a map of fields. ( Ans )
B.      Use myObject.sObjectType.getDescribe().fieldSet() to return a set of fileds.
C.      Use SObjectType.myObject.fields.getMap() to return a map of fields. ( Ans )
D.     Use Schema.describeSObjects(new String[]{myObject})[0].fields.getMap() to return a map of fields. ( Ans )

8.  What are two features of Heroku Connect?
Choose 2 answers
A.      Displaying data from an external data store via External Objects
B.      Bidirectional syncs, allowing data to be written into SFDC ( Ans )
C.      Near Real Time Sync between Heroku Postgres and Salesforce ( Ans )
D.     Real Time Sync between Salesforce and Postgres ( Ans )

  1. A visualforce page is written with the following controller and extensions:
<apex.page standardController=”Account” extensions =”myExtension”>
                            <apex:inputField vaue=”(!Account.name)”/><p/>
<Apex:commandButton value=”Save” action=”(!save)”/>
The extension class myExtension has a public save()method.
Which save method or methods will be used by the visualforce page?
  1. The save method from the controller extension ( Ans )
  2. Both – the standardController first, then myExtension ( Ans )
  3. Both – the myExtension first, the standardController
  4. The save method from the standardController

10. A developer created a Lightning component to display a short text summary for an object and wants to use it with multiple Apex classes.How should the developer design the Apex classes?
  1. Have each class implement an interface that defines method getTextSummary() that returns the summary( Ans )
  2. Have each class define method getTextSummary() that returns the summary.
  3. Have each class define method getObject() that returns the sObject that returns the sObject that Is controlled by the Apex class.
  4. Extend each class from the same base class that has a method getSummary() that returns the summary. ( Ans )