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I'm investigating how to integrate an online store with salesforce.
I'm wondering, best practices, where the data should reside in salesforce.
Once an order is placed in the online store, how is it represented. Would it create a closed opportunity with opportunity products as the line items?
Perhaps a separate Received payment object (custom?) in case of multiple/partial payments (not sure this is a requirement)
I noticed there is an standard order object that can be activated. Is this the area I should be investigating.

I'd love some insight into the overall object model, preferably using as much standard salesforce as is available.
Further down the road donations, and other form based 'sales' would also need to be tracked, some including $0 items if that matters.

Basically if you had a green field how would you proceed.
I get the following error in the Data Loader cmd when trying to Upsert some custom object records;
"field name provided, does not match an external ID"

My GCD_ID__c field is categorised as an External ID and the same sdl file works perfectly when i use the Apex Data Loader tool rather than the cmd. So the mappings are definitely correct.

Maybe i am missing something in my xml file?