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Hi I am getting the below error. I have tried all ways suggested in the below link: still, I am getting the same error

App Customization Specialist

User-added image

I am stuck in step 2 of App Customization Specialist. Below is the snip of my error. Can anyone help me

User-added image
app customization superbadge step 2 - 'Shift Hours'
I am seeing this The 'Shift Hours' field on the 'Volunteer Shift Workers' object is not configured correctly. I'm stuck as to what I am doing wrong. It's probably a simple fix that I'm over looking. Help solving this problem would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

User-added imageUser-added image


I need to load accounts and contact data through the data loader which has audit fields.

I have created the permission set and provided below permission

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageI am not able to find the fields 
User-added imageUser-added imageCan anyone help me its an urgent request to be taken care