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Can someone help me in overriding the Salesforce1 date picker in my VF page ??

I am trying to get the salesforce1 datepicker look and feel in my VF page, which I am using as overriden page for Account..I want to get the same look and feel for date picker and date time picker...
We have a VF page that was originally written for desktop but we've also been using it in SF1 and it has been rendering fine.

Now one of our sandboxes is on Spring '15 and when I look at the page in SF1 in that sandbox (from SF1 on iPad or from Chrome on a PC via one/one.app) the page rendering is all messed up.

I looks to me like all the standard SF style for things like Page Blocks are missing.  Fonts are serif and page is gray and block and section borders are missing.

I'm wondering if something changed in SPring '15 and may I have to add code to get the standard SF styles in my page.

Anyone notice this behavior and have a fix?

(I want to enter a Support Case but that means typing up full instruction for reproducing the case and explaining it to them and I won't have time to do that for a day or two.)