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Hey, is there any WhatsApp group available for salesforce developers? I want to list down it on https://wagrouplink.com

thank you.
Hi All,

Add/Remove Records using LWC.

If any one want to create Add/Remove multiple records in lightning web component dynamically then please refer this post. 

1. Add rows using plus( + ) button.
2. Dynamic Add/Remove record row.
3. Proper Serial Number in table. For each index starts from 1.
4. Clear All Feature.
5. Save button label change button.
6. Toast Message after record succesfully inserted.

Refer the code in below post...

Like this Post if it's helps to any one !!!

Hello Experts,

In Contact Object, there is no field name Owner then how it is able to access "Contact.Owner.email" ??
Please explain its internal working.

Anyone ever seen this before?  I've got a user attaching a photoshop file and word file to an email from SFDC, but Salesforce puts a .html extension onto the file when sent from Salesforce as an email attachment.  No idea what causes this or how to prevent it.


Anyone seen this before?