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I have a professional edition org and i want to set sharing rules on Opportunity Object  which is not available. Hence i am looking to go for Apex Managed Sharing. Would it work . If yes please help me with the solution.

Its urgent
My trigger is as follows:-

//Trigger to count sales rep assigned to a single zip code
//Display an error if user attemps to associate another sales
//rep to the same zip code
trigger salesRepCount on Territory__c (before insert, before update, after update) {
     //List<Account> NewAccountlisttoUpdate = new List<Account>();
     //List<Account> AccountsToUpdateOwner = new List<Account>();
     //SET<ID> setAccountId = new SET<ID>();
    //Store all zip codes in a set
    SET<String> territoryZipCodes = new  SET<String>();
    MAP<String, Territory__c> territoryMap = new MAP<String, Territory__c>();
    LIST<Territory__c> zipMatch = [SELECT Id, Name, Territory__c.Owner__c, OwnerId, Zip_Code__c
                                   FROM Territory__c
                                   WHERE Zip_Code__c IN:territoryZipCodes];
    //If a Territory record sales rep is changed
    //check if old and new owners are different
    if(Trigger.isUpdate) {
        if(Trigger.isAfter) {
            List<Account> NewAccountlisttoUpdate = new List<Account>();
            for(Territory__c changedSalesRep : Trigger.new) {
                String oldId = Trigger.oldMap.get(changedSalesRep.Id).OwnerId;
                String newuserId = Trigger.newmap.get(changedSalesRep.Id).OwnerId; 
                if(oldId != newuserId) {  
                     String Territoryzipcode = Trigger.newmap.get(changedSalesRep.Id).Zip_Code__c; 
                     List<Account> AccountsToUpdateOwner = [SELECT ID, OwnerId
                                                               FROM ACCOUNT
                                                               WHERE BillingPostalCode =:Territoryzipcode]; 
                    SET<ID> setAccountId = new SET<ID>();
                    for(Account A : AccountsToUpdateOwner) {
                        if(A.OwnerId != newuserId) {
                            A.OwnerId = newuserId;
                    update NewAccountlisttoUpdate;
                    //For the Above updated Accounts, check the Contacts and Update with new Owner;
                    LIST<Contact> newContactListToUpdate = [SELECT Id, OwnerId
                                                            FROM Contact
                                                            WHERE AccountId IN :setAccountId];
                    for(Contact updateCon: newContactListToUpdate) {
                        if(updateCon.OwnerId != newuserId) {
                            updateCon.OwnerId = newuserId;
                    update newContactListToUpdate;
                    //For the Above updated Accounts, check the Opportunities and Update with new Owner;
                    LIST<Opportunity> newOpportunityListToUpdate = [SELECT ID, OwnerID 
                                                                    FROM Opportunity
                                                                    WHERE AccountId IN:setAccountId
                                                                    AND StageName != 'Closed Won'];
                    for(Opportunity updateOppty : newOpportunityListToUpdate) {
                        if(updateOppty.OwnerId != newuserId) {
                            updateOppty.OwnerId = newuserId;
                    update newOpportunityListToUpdate;
    for(Territory__c repCount : Trigger.new) {
        Integer countSalesRep = [SELECT count() from Territory__c
                                 WHERE Territory__c.OwnerID =:repCount.OwnerId
                                 AND Territory__c.Id !=:repCount.Id
                                 AND Territory__c.Zip_Code__c =:repCount.Zip_Code__c];
        if(countSalesRep>3) {
            repCount.addError('we can not Assign a zipcode to this user Only a single zipcode is assigned to only three Owners(Sales Representatives)'+countSalesrep); 

So when I update an owner in the Territory__c object it should also update all Accounts with the same owner. The trigger is not oing that. Rest of my trigger for other things si working. So please help.