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Hi Team,
I have a requirement to convert my picklist value to date in a new field.
My picklist values are as May 2020, June 2021. Now I want to convert this value to a date format in the new field as 05/01/2020.
And all my values should be converted to 1st day of the month which is selected in the picklist.

Jan 2020-  01/01/2020
March 2021- 03/01/2021
April 2013 -  04/01/2013

It should be mm/dd/yyyy. And "dd" should be always 01.
i have searched many formulas to convert it to the required format, but could not achieve.
Please help me in achieving it.

I have two obejct call log and login when i am inserting the data into the call log object using the csv upload i have a field called username we are inserting this field data from the csv file but before insertion this
username field data has to be validated if this username is matched with the login data it has to insert the record otherwise error to be display.

i have written a validation on the username field like below but this is giving the error for the condtion if username is correct also it is showing error.

Assign__c <> $ObjectType.Login__c.Fields.UserName__c

Assign__c  = field to be validate in the call log obejct
UserName__c  = field in the login obejct.

please help me here.

thanks in advance.

I am creating a rather complex questionnaire in flow. 

I've noticed a rather odd behaviuor...see the following example:

Q1. Do you have kids?
Yes/No (choice Yes=Truie, choice No=False)

Q2. are you kids at school? (the component visibility for this Q is set if Q1=Yes)

Now, I can finally create a kids profile record

The Kids Profile object includes Q1 and Q2 checkboxes so that I can map to the actual screen questions.

Here is the problem, if I map both Q1 and Q2 on the create records component, but the response for Q1 happens to be No, Q2 gets skipped and in the debug Q2 results to be a null, and consequently a  INVALID_TYPE_ON_FIELD_IN_RECORD error will occur. 

Considering that I know why the error is being triggered, I believe that for a screen funtionality, there should actually be something that ignore the mapping for skipped questions; I can't believe this is not a stardad functionality...

Please let me know if it's just me that I am missing something or it's really like that. 

Hi All,
In Salesforce Lightning, do we have any option to remove/disable the Drilldown/View report hyper link on Dashboard?.

Hey All, 

First time posting here, I look forward to what I can learn from the community.  I am a mostly self taught Admin so I suspect my issue stems from some of the common knoweldge gaps that newer self taught types can have.  I've read post after post and watched countless videos and can't figure out the small little thing that is hanging me up on this. I also see that this doesn't seem to have spell check so all you grammer hounds please grant me mercy. 

First, since language changes on these modules I'll post the step for future readers and then the error I'm getting. 
Set record-level security settings
Configure other Salesforce settings related to record-level security to meet the business requirements.
Create a user, Samantha Cordero, and assign her the Field Sales User profile and the Field Sales role
Create an opportunity owned by Samantha with the stage name 'Needs Analysis'
Create a Closed Won opportunity owned by Samantha, with the type of 'Existing Customer - Upgrade'
The error on the apex test thing I get: "Assertion Failed: Field Sales users should not be able to read Opportunities owned by someone else. However, the test returned records not owned by the user. #sadtrombone: Expected: 1, Actual: 3"

So here are the few things I've drilled into and checked, I honestly can't think of anything else that I'm missing. Other parts of this could be messed up but as far as relation to the error thrown I just can't find it. 

1) Issue with the Profile, "Field Sales User". I don't think this is it due to the error throwing a lower case "user" which makes me think it's an issue with roles. Also this doesn't really have much to do with viewing rights beyond basic allowance so.. eh. Honestly I'm not even sure the best way to approach Profiles vs Roles, but again, noob here. In this profile I have the Opportunity object checked for everything except "delete" as the trail ask. 

User-added image

2) Roles. Now here is where we get to the good stuff. I've checked the hierchy and have tried to mark that lowly field reps are not worthy of viewing other's opportunities (humor y'all).  For your consideration here are shots of the hierchy and the field where I marked them as unworthy. 

User-added image 

User-added image

3) Sharing Settings. This is the last area I know of to deal with this error.  I have set Opportunities to private. This, in combination with the other rules really baffles me as to why field reps can still creep on other opportunities. For visual confirmation: 

User-added image

Any help or hints would be much appreciated on this.  In the event I make it out to Dreamforce and the lucky person that helps me out the most does I will gladly buy you a beer or coffee or heck even both! 


I have a simple formula field, below, which evaluates correctly when viewing it in the page layout.


if (User__r.Profile.Name = 'System Administrator', 'FIXED TRUE', User__r.Profile.Name)


The problem I have is when I try and lookup / reference the field in SOQL, i get a different result to what i see in the page layout, SOQL below:


select name, isActive__c from Incentive_Plan__c where user__c =:UserId


For the simple formula field logic above, the SOQL query returns the value 'PT1 ', I have no idea where it is getting this value from !


Hope someone can explain this behaviour.



  • July 04, 2012
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