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Hi, can somebody shed some light. I have registered for free trial version
of Health Cloud and my question is why do i also have Sales,Marketing and some others apps by default.
Why also all the app's are sharing the same accounts and contacts data.
Is it possible to do this without a controller extension? I'm not very good at test class and it's difficult for me to deploy any apex classes to production because I'm not really a developer yet. Is it possible to do a redirect using only Visualforce development?
I have this method
Public void Method(){
for (AccountContactRelation accountContactRelation : (List<AccountContactRelation>) Trigger.new) {
            String oldRoles = (Trigger.isUpdate) ? ((AccountContactRelation) Trigger.oldMap.get(accountContactRelation.Id)).Roles : null;

            if (accountContactRelation.Roles != null && accountContactRelation.Roles.contains(Label1) && (Trigger.isInsert ||
                    (Trigger.isUpdate && (oldRoles == null || !oldRoles.contains(Label1))))) {
                if (!accountContactRelationIdsMap.containsKey(accountContactRelation.AccountId)) {
                    accountContactRelationIdsMap.put(accountContactRelation.AccountId, new List<Id>());

i want to remove Trigger.New and Trigger.Old and replace them with parameters like : 
Public void Method(List<AccountContactRelation> NewAccCont , List<AccountContactRelation> OldAccCont){

for (AccountContactRelation accountContactRelation : NewAccCont ) {

//How can i declare OldRoles using the parameter OldAccCont

            String oldRoles = (Trigger.isUpdate) ? ((AccountContactRelation) Trigger.oldMap.get(accountContactRelation.Id)).Roles : null;

            if (accountContactRelation.Roles != null && accountContactRelation.Roles.contains(Label1) && (Trigger.isInsert ||
                    (Trigger.isUpdate && (oldRoles == null || !oldRoles.contains(Label1))))) {
                if (!accountContactRelationIdsMap.containsKey(accountContactRelation.AccountId)) {
                    accountContactRelationIdsMap.put(accountContactRelation.AccountId, new List<Id>());

How can i declare OldRoles using the new parameter OldAccCont
Hi All, I want to know if any one has done seo for salesforce classic community. How to generate the site map.I have read the help article but getting no where to statrt. Can anyone help please.

I'm investigating how to integrate an online store with salesforce.
I'm wondering, best practices, where the data should reside in salesforce.
Once an order is placed in the online store, how is it represented. Would it create a closed opportunity with opportunity products as the line items?
Perhaps a separate Received payment object (custom?) in case of multiple/partial payments (not sure this is a requirement)
I noticed there is an standard order object that can be activated. Is this the area I should be investigating.

I'd love some insight into the overall object model, preferably using as much standard salesforce as is available.
Further down the road donations, and other form based 'sales' would also need to be tracked, some including $0 items if that matters.

Basically if you had a green field how would you proceed.
I am using this developer forum and try to answer the problems that people face as per my knowledge.

But my profile is provate. how can I make my profile public?
My profile url

Thanks in advance. 

Hey dear Trailfriends,

I am pretty new to this, but I can't really seem to find this question yet, so I hope someone's able to help me out. I am currently training for Admin and there is this unit about Importing Data. Trailhead gave me this CSV-file which I am trying to upload, but in the screen about Field Mapping it keeps getting errors. One to be exact:

You need to map the required field Contact: Loan Amount.

So I am wondering: what can I do to get rid of this error? It is not really in the assignment, so I am wondering what I am doing wrong. There is no Loan Amount in the csv-file... Help!

Thanks :)

I am looking to expand our development offerings and looking for nearshore development teams or UK development teams to bring on board. If anyone is either from a dev team or can recommend such dev teams it would be realyl useful, i will then respond with some qualification questions. 


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Does salesforce offer any online courses on API integration with salesforce and .Net development. API integration with SF is something I would really like to imporve on and I'd be willing to pay for the course. Any classes anyone has taken and would reccommend? I am located in Michigan so I'm not sure if they offer any locally.



  • August 23, 2013
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Does anyone know if SFDC is going to continue this application?  It still has a few issues, but is a vast improvement over the original APEX explorer.  If not, I think that should be announced so that we can look for other avenues.  I've found that the Workbench tool has issues as well with complicated SOQL's, so we really need to know what the future is of this tool.

Pls. send (suitable) resumes to opportunities@energy-orbit.com



energyOrbit is the leading cloud computing solution in the Demand Side Management (DSM) / Energy Efficiency (EE) sectors. Four years into the making, we have deployed the energyOrbit solution with dozens of utilities and energy consulting companies across the nation. The product delivers a strategic, end-to-end energy efficiency tracking solution which centralizes and streamlines program, project and relationship management across multiple organizations and user groups.

energyOrbit is powered on the Force.com (from salesforce.com) cloud computing platform. We are a salesforce.com partner working with salesforce.com and other partners to continue to make substantial inroads into this rapidly growing and exciting market. 


We at energyOrbit are fortunate to have the opportunity to provide the market with an acutely needed enterprise product. Our product continues to have a tangible impact on helping the nation achieve energy savings; the people at energyOrbit are inspired by the fact that our product is contributing to the climate control efforts and the reduction of reliance on carbon fuels. If you're passionate about innovation and the planet, come help us to continue to grow and offer a superior product in our sector.


Our CTO is seeking a talented and experienced Force.com developer to develop and enhance our energyOrbit product.



You must have an excellent understanding of the Salesforce platform and products. As a Force.com developer, you must have a solid foundation programming in Java and demonstrate writing efficient and scalable Apex Code and Visualforce code. You will be responsible for developing through all phases of the development lifecycle, from initial technical designs, implementation, testing, to production deployments. You are expected to quickly learn new features, technologies, and to communicate effectively with various business owners, technical staff members and customers. To be successful in this position, you must provide expertise on the salesforce.com API's, profiles, and security model while maintaining and configuring development and test instances for our product sandboxes.


This job requires that you be a self-starter with the ability to take ownership, work under pressure, and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. You must possess good oral and written documentation skills and be able to interact with other team members to deliver fast and reliable code. You will also be asked to contribute ideas, provide feedback and collaborate on many projects within the team’s portfolio that may be outside your domain expertise.


Required Skills:

  • 4+ years of experience programming in Apex Code and Visualforce Pages
  • 5+ years of experience programming in Java
  • 3+ years of experience programming JavaScript
  • Excellent understanding of salesforce.com’s SOQL and SOSL
  • Excellent understanding of salesforce.com’s Web Services
  • Excellent understanding of salesforce.com’s security model
  • Excellent understanding of salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud 2, Service Cloud and Force.com product offerings
  • Experience with database concepts and data modeling capabilities
  • Bachelors degree in computer science or equivalent experience


Desired Skills:


  • Relevant experience in the energy DSM / EE sectors
  • 3+ years of experience programming HTML
  • Experience developing in an Agile software development environment
  • Solid understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to develop processes and methodologies
  • Experience with Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Experience with Continuous Integration (CI) process
  • Good understanding of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and concepts
  • Ability to learn quickly in a dynamic environment
  • Ability to take ownership of projects and multi-task in a fast pace environment


Pls. send (suitable) resumes to opportunities@energy-orbit.com



  • December 20, 2011
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If you are looking to implement salesforce solutions that require

1) Visual Force/Apex development for internal application or Appexchange applications

2) .Net Development, Database developement(SQLServer, Oracle)

3) Integrations

4) Automation of Day to day maintanance and data clean up activities

I am currently accepting small and large projects. I have over 12 years experience developing enterprise solutions in multiple technologies and is accepting projects. I do money back guarantee.

Please contact pradykris@gmail.com


Best Regards


  • November 30, 2011
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We are car rent company located in Russia.

We have presence in four cities with population over 1M. Our car fleet is about forty vehicles.


Now we are looking for company, which could provide us salesforce solution based on our requirements for reasonable price.

Solution should automate our current business processes.


As a first step we will send you our high level requirements and business processes description.

In return for this, we are expecting your approximate estimations (costs and resources) and statement of work.

We prefer time and material pricing.


Any questions are welcome.

We are waiting your requests on email: vasilyi.sevastianov@gmail.com


Vasilyi Sevastianov,

Samara Rent CTO

I have created a field on the contact record titled Twitter User Name.  I am now trying to create a hyperlink formula field that will take the user name entered and add it to the Twitter URL and I can't get it to work.  It works great as a custom link but I want to be able to place the URL in the page layout and not in the custom link section.  Any suggestions?

I have tried both of these options

HYPERLINK("http://twitter.com/Contact.Twitter_User_Name__c", "Twitter Account" )

HYPERLINK("http://twitter.com/Twitter_User_Name__c", "Twitter Account" )

I haven't had much luck getting SSO to work with my SAML assertion. Has anyone got this to work? If so, what does your saml response look like?  I signed my assertion and I believe everything is correct, yet the login history gives me "Failed: Assertion Invalid"

Any ideas?

Thank you.