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Hello Salesforce team,

I have tried this below apex code but this is for account but i don't know how we can get the all the user can you provide me whole code of get all user using apex code 


global class AccountService{
@HttpGet global static List getAccounts() {
List Accounts = [SELECT Id,Name from Account LIMIT 10];
return Accounts;

Above code for get account but i need to get all added users in salesforce.

I don't know what is replace this line @RestResource(urlMapping='/AccountService/*')

Please provide me whole code of how to get all users of salesforce, Don't provide any blog and example because i have already tried it so if can possible to share whole code of get all users of salesforce.

One more think, I want talk to you, some question and queries related to salesforce so we can set a meeting or not.

If can possible so please let me know...

Hi Guys,

Need an urgent help.

<div class="card__categories"> {!item.Categories__c}</div>

In aura iteration i want to display Categories (multi picklist field). Can someone let me know how to replace semi colons with comma in lightning component.

for example :  something like this.. but substitute does not work here...
<div class="card__categories">{!substitute(item.Categories__c, ';', ',')}</div>