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I have a multi-select picklist in Object A, and I need the user's selections to be auto-populated in another picklist in Object B.

For example, if user selects values a,b,c from multi select picklist in Object A, then picklist in object B should be auto-populated with values a,b,c and then the user to be able to select among these. 

I'm aware that picklists cannot be that way dynamic, but is there any idea/ workaround of how this could be deployed?

Thank you, 
Once my flow is launched from one master object (Object1), it creates a new record for another child object (Object2). We need the user to be directed staright to the child record created when flow finishes.
Here is how my list button URL looks like: 

and it's not working. This retURL navigates to 'https://mydomain/lightning/r/Record__c//view' which results in Page Not Found.

It seems like the record created is not updated. Any suggestions how this can be resolved and the user directed be navigated to the record created?
When launching a flow via a list button with this return URL : /flow/New_Hotel_Master_Booking?varBookingId={!Booking__c.Id}&retURL=/{!Booking__c.Id}
I am getting the below error: “We can't display this page because your browser blocks cross-domain cookies. Try again with a different supported browser.
The purpose is to navigate the user directly to the child record and not the list view of the master record after the completion of the flow.
I have tried to allow all cookies to my Chrome browser.
Any suugestions?

There is a current master-detail relationship between two objects, specifically “Master Booking” and “Booking” objects. We have also created a flow that creates a new master booking and this flow is launched via a list button. After generating the master booking, we need the user to be directly navigated to the child booking record he created and not the master booking list view page.
So, the URL behind the button is as follows:

However, this message pops up:“Invalid page redirection: The page you attempted to access has been blocked due to a redirection to an outside website or an improperly coded link or button.”

Please note that I have already tried to allow all cookies to my Chrome browser and also allows the specific site to allow cookies.

Any suggestions?

Is there any way that we can also translate custom field data in multiple languages, and not just their labels (via translation Workbench?) 
As, based on Translation Workbench functionality, only custom picklist values can be translated. Should any Google translation APIs be the solution to this?
Thank you