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Hello All, 
I'm trying to fix the following formulas that are showing an error when the value is left blank. In our object, black field are important because means that they do not apply. The fields that are showing an error are Q1 Results and Q1 Flag. 

Field: Q1 Results
ISNULL( Q1_Validation__c ),
Q1_Value__c / Q1_Goal__c

Field: Q1 Validation
AND(ISBLANK(Q1_Goal__c ),ISBLANK(Q1_Value__c )),

Field: Q1 Flag
IF( ISBLANK(Q1_Goal__c ) && ISBLANK(Q1_Value__c ),
IMAGE("https://i.ibb.co/PzwzmbZ/blue-flag.png", " Blue Flag"),

IF(ISBLANK(Q1_c__c ),
IMAGE("https://i.ibb.co/PzwzmbZ/blue-flag.png", " Blue Flag"),

IF (Q1_c__c <= 0.80,
IMAGE("https://i.ibb.co/02GzKqM/red-flag.png", " Red Flag"),

IF (Q1_c__c <= 0.90,
IMAGE("https://i.ibb.co/59L8GnF/yellow-flag.png", " Yellow Flag"),
IMAGE("https://i.ibb.co/1KNswzk/green-flag.png", " Green Flag"))))))

I appreciate all your help. 

    i am currently doing the above mentioned challenge in the salesforce trailhead. I creatd a permission set and assigned it to the user like it was mentioned and even logged in using the two factor authentication method. but still it is showing challenge not complete. Is there any reason to this. I don't know what i am missing. The following is the error message i received

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Could not find a user's successful login using two-factor authentication. Make sure you successfully login at least once and that you are prompted for a second factor of authentication

Any help wpuld be appreciated