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Within a visual flow, I'm wondering if I can populate a collection variable using semi-colon separated values (;) in a single input text box. For the use case, I'd like to append an ad-hoc Taskray Checklist to a Taskray Task using only the flow interface, but as the items are ad-hoc, I can't use a template for it.

For example, if I input this in ONE long text field:

Can I pass it into a collection variable using a loop so it is [Apples, Bananas, Carrots]?

I have simulated this by using LEFT({!Checklist}, FIND(";", {!Checklist}) - 1) to get the first row and adding it to the collection variable, trimming it from {!Checklist} and doing it again for the second row, etc. This creates the collection var as long as I stick to the number of assignments I've used.

But the problem is I can't figure out how to build it into a loop to handle variable number of items. Is there any way to do this using only flow tools?

Thanks in advance :)