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Hi Everyone!

Am new to slaesforce and Am trying to learn apex. 

Can anyone breakdown the following..



Schema  --> is a class 
SObjectType--> Am guessing it is an inner class
Event--> I understand this can be any object api name but how does that translate to apex? how are we able to call an object name on class? is it because that the object name is a variable inside the inner class?
getRecordTypeInfosByName() --> I guess it is a method inside the inner class
get(Label.RecordTypeName) --> another method but how are we able to call method from a method? method1().method2()??
getRecordTypeId(); --> another method???

Am pretty new to oops(apex) and would like to know how they are internally structure for the way the calls are happeining in the above statement?
can any one explain please.

Thanks in advance!