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Can I upload files and attachment from salesforce to Google driv by using Files Connect Salesforce?



         Am trying to move my entire code from one developer org to another developer org. We have overriden some buttons on custom objects with visualforce pages in first org. Now when am trying to move the code using eclipse, because of tab overriden, it is showing error about synchronisation. Is there any another way to move entire code?



Thanks in advance





My company has just purchased SFC, and we're currently working on integrating SFC with our internal system (specifically Opportunity data).  We're having trouble with consistency between our picklist values (on custom fields on the Opportunity object) and the descriptions in our internal system.


We're hoping that there's a way to export the picklist values for the fields on the Opportunity object, perhaps through the Apex Data Loader somehow?  That way it would make for easy comparison with our internal system's data.  Right now, the only option that we know of is to go into the Setup/Customize/Opportunities/Fields and then click into each picklist field to see the values.  We're hoping that there's a better way, though.


Thanks so much.